• Population Developments
  • Educational Attainment of the Working Age Population
  • Labour Force Activity
  • Industry Employment Growth
  • Industry Access by Citizenship Status
  • Occupational Employment Developments
  • Job Access to Occupations by Citizenship Status
  • Recent Trends in Employment

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"The Arnold Group, LLC, a national workforce development consulting firm from Rhode Island, USA, was commissioned by the Bermuda National Training Board to conduct a  study on workforce issues in Bermuda and to subsequently draft a workforce development strategy for the Government of Bermuda  

As a significant part of Bermuda’s Sustainable Development Initiative, the goal of this workforce development strategy is to maximise the potential of all Bermudians in all sectors and at all levels of the workforce, simultaneously meeting the needs of the citizenry and the employers of Bermuda."

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"This document sets out how the views of Bermuda’s residents were gathered, outlining methods used in:

1) Public outreach carried out by the Sustainable Development Project Team, and;
2) A public perception telephone survey done by Total Marketing and Communications Limited (TMC)

The results from this consultation process are attached as:

• Public Outreach Feedback
• Telephone Survey Results "

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pdf ANNEX A 349.13 Kb

endtoendcheque.jpgPictured from left to right are:  Donald Bowman (BETE), Mieah DeFontes (BETE), Anne Mello (Chair, BETE), Erin Moran (President, Greenrock), with End to End corporate sponsors David Lang (Bank of Bermuda Foundation) and Lloyd Fray (M3 Wireless).

Reuse bags and bottles to help protect Bermuda's environment. That's the message that environmental charity Greenrock will be spreading, thanks to a major grant from Bermuda End-to-End. Greenrock, which promotes sustainable development initiatives, will receive $20,000 from End-to-End's 20th Anniversary Fund. The money will go towards Greenrock's "Bring Your Own Bottle or Bag" Public Service Advertising (PSA) campaign, which focuses on the importance of carrying reusable bottles and bags rather than using disposable items.

gronwhite.pngAGM Annual Report
October 2, 2007

President's address
by Erin Moran

As an organization in its formative stages, I would say that this past year has been the most exciting one yet and I feel it is just the tip of the iceberg. First and foremost, we have revamped and expanded our executive and management committee to strengthen the depth and expertise of Greenrock.

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