Greenrock has long been an advocate for renewable energy in Bermuda - and this largely stems from our concerns about climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint (and also our concerns about the catastrophic impact of an oil spill on our reefs, and the public health impacts of fossile fuels in Bermuda).

In Bermuda we believe we have an unprecedented opportunity to move towards a sustainable energy model. 

Presently, electricity on the island is almost entirely supplied by diesel-fuel-oil generators; we believe that we urgently need to start shifting to a more sustainable energy portfolio, with a particular focus on solar and wind renewable energy technologies.

We are involved in public consultaitons on energy policy and related issues, and speak out for renewable energy in the media. Through our Green Building Forum we also aim to support workplaces adopt renewable energy and greater energy efficient technologies too.

Our recommendations for Bermuda in terms of policy are:

  1. Set Building Efficiency Standards and invest in Energy Efficiency

    • Consider an electricity tariff structure which reduces the emphasis on volumetric pricing and increases the incentive for energy efficiency

    • Reduce or eliminate duty on high efficiency components such as timers and LED lights. Require imported appliances to have Energy Star ratings (where possible)

  2. Invest in a ‘smarter grid’

    • Use cost and price signals to increase system efficiency, for example through time of day or real-time pricing

    • Harness advanced information technology (a ‘smart grid’) and interactive Demand Management to manage variability

  3. Set and support Renewable Energy Targets

    • Eliminate the customs duty on renewable energy systems and components

    • Include social and environmental externalities in cost-benefit analyses

    • Provide standardized licenses and PPAs for commercial scale renewable energy installations

    • Allow equal access to the grid for all forms of energy - require grid development which supports distributed energy


About Greenrock

According to The Footprint Network, which measures the ability of the planet to produce resources and absorb waste, our resource use and waste production is 60% more than the earth can produce or absorb annually.

This overshoot is the result of decisions that we each make every day. We seek to generate debate and to influence people to change their behaviour.We strive to be catalysts: Success for us is when we can Change the Mindset so that sustainable use of resources is included in decision-making for individuals, government or businesses. ... read more

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