Throughout the Earth Hour Campaign, we host a range of environmental initiatives, such as a community cleanup, a bike ride through the railway trails, a sustainable gardening workshop, school visits, lunch and learns, educational presentations, and a guided nature walk to inspire environmental action, teach sustainable practices, raise awareness about biodiversity, and encourage respect for the natural world. These initiatives are open to all ages, so we welcome schools, businesses, families and community organizations to get involved. 


Sacred Earth Circle

Switch off your lights and join Naturopath and Spiritual Teacher Dr. Kathia Roberts from SOAR Journeys and Ashley K. Gardener, Bermuda's renowned Geo Love Master Healer, for a Sacred Earth Circle at Spirit House during Earth Hour, the largest global movement for nature. This event is more than a moment of reflection; it's a call to action. With Dr. Kathia’s & Ashley's guidance, we'll tap into the earth's powerful energies, nature’s elements, and earth-based shamanic practices, fostering a movement of harmony far beyond the hour. Be part of this transformative Earth-healing journey. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience of unity, healing, and global awakening.




Nature Walk

Join us on Sunday, April 7th for a fun, fantastic and truly engaging wild food and foraging experience at Coopers Island Reserve. Develop your understanding of foraging for food in Bermuda, learn about cooking wild foods, and get the pleasure of tasting some delicious wild recipes. In our foraging experience, we work with the seasons and often forage for plants. You’ll be astonished by the flavours we encounter in the wild; from scurvy grass to the sea purslane, which has a distinctive salty taste, it’s all there to be discovered. Sign up today for an experience that promises to enlighten your five senses.



Railway Trail Ride

Did you know that there were railway trails from Hamilton to Somerset Village? If so, have you experienced them all? If your answer is no to either of those questions you should meet us at City Hall on Sunday, April 14th for a special experience travelling through some of Bermuda's most unique nature reserves on a pleasant ride from Hamilton to Dockyard and a complimentary trip back to Hamilton on the ferry. Myles Darrell of the Bermuda National Trust will join us on the ride to share his knowledge about nature reserves and historical sites through the trails. We'll also discuss the diverse plant species, examine the limestone formations, ride through various terrains, smell the natural aromas, and capture the breathtaking views. And by the way, if your answer is yes to those same questions, you already know how amazing it is and will need no encouragement to attend. FYI: Several local vendors will rent you a pedal bike or an e-bike should you need one. Contact us for help.



Sustainable Farming Workshop

Join us for a walking tour of FoodForest. An ecological microsystem of biological sustainability that incorporates several varieties of fruits, vegetables, roots, berries, and nuts. Learn how regenerative agriculture is the only alternative to the fragile micro system our communities depend on. This educational experience is free for Greenrock members. Fresh, organic vegetables will be for sale.



Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up

Join us on Sunday, April 28th for the grand finale event of the 2024 Great Big Bermuda Clean-Up. Volunteers will meet at Friendship Vale Park at the corner of Palmetto Road & Old Military Road. Groups will spread out from there to clean various locations around Devonshire. KBB will provide gloves, trash bags, recycling bags and litter grabbers. Remember to wear a hat and bring your reusable water bottle.


March 23rd | Spirit House | 7pm-10pm

Switch off your lights and join Naturopath and Spiritual Teacher Dr. Kathia Roberts from SOAR Journeys and Geo Love Master Healer Ashley K. Gardener for a Sacred Earth Circle at Spirit House during Earth Hour, the largest global movement for nature.

Tune into the elements whilst Dr. Kathia leads a nature inspired, sound healing and shamanic circle, connecting with the seasons, honoring Mother Nature and offering prayers for peace and oneness. Dr. Kathia will speak on Earth Based Spiritual Practices, Ubuntu (African Spirituality) and sacred healing tools used in shamanism.

In this unique gathering, Ashley will use her expertise in sacred geometries to activate and harmonize nature's elements, aligning with Earth Hour's mission to deepen our connection with the earth.                                   

Set against the backdrop of Bermuda, an island imbued with mystical energies and ancient ties to Atlantis, this ceremony promises a profound experience of healing and expansion. Ashley's work with the sacred geometric patterns of nature aims to unleash an outpouring of unconditional love across Bermuda, extending a wave of positive energy around the globe.

This event is more than a moment of reflection; it's a call to action. With Dr. Kathia’s and Ashley's guidance, we'll tap into the earth's powerful energies, fostering a movement of harmony and love that resonates far beyond the hour. Be part of this transformative journey to celebrate our planet and actively contribute to its healing and elevation. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience of unity, healing, and global awakening.

Let's light up the world together and help create the Biggest Hour for Earth!

Limited spaces available. To register, please join Greenrock as a member or make a donation in support of Greenrock’s commitment to conservation and sustainability.



Just over a year ago, you helped us create the Biggest Hour for Earth, with over 4,000 hours given locally in support of our planet. In 10 days, we’ll once again have the opportunity to create a defining moment far too important to miss.  Earth Hour is a global call to action. An opportunity we are granted annually to do something positive for nature and make a statement to the world.  Right now we need your commitment, then you can take action at any time throughout the eight-week campaign (Friday, March 1st - Sunday, April 28th). 

This year, Earth Hour will be taking place on Saturday, the 23rd of March, at 8:30 pm wherever you are - and we invite you to switch off your lights, your devices, your screens, etc… and give an hour for Earth by spending 60 minutes doing something positive for our one shared home. 

How do we Give an Hour for Earth?  It could be as simple as spending an hour outdoors to reconnect with nature or taking a few moments with family and friends to clean up along the coast.  It could be a peaceful walk in nature or a ride through the railway trails as a reminder of the beauty and diversity of Bermuda. It could be an hour of getting your hands in the soil by gardening or planting trees.  If you prefer to take action indoors, you could cook up meals with locally sourced ingredients, find sustainable alternatives to disposable products, or watch an exciting and eye-opening nature documentary with family and friends. For teachers, leaders and influencers, you have the power to share information that inspires students, family, friends, followers, work colleagues or neighbours to build a stronger appreciation for nature and become more environmentally engaged.  

If you would like to participate in something we’ve planned, visit and register for the Sacred Earth Circle at Spirit House during Earth Hour or sign up for the environmental activities we have scheduled throughout the campaign.

Remember, Earth Hour is a call to action. All we need from you right now is your commitment.  Then you have the opportunity to take action at any time throughout the Earth Hour campaign.  Stay tuned, stay inspired, look out for more details about the Earth Hour LIVE broadcast, and let’s make this Earth Hour the biggest one yet!


Peace & Love,                                                               

Eugene Dean





Earth Hour LIVE 2024 aired on Channel 82 and earlier tonight from 6:30pm to Lights Out at 8:30pm.  The annual 2 hour program featured conversations with Health Coach and Om Juicery Owner Preston James about living in harmony with nature, Renown Economics Educator Craig Simmons about Donut Economics, Co-CEO of Take Five Catering Stefan Bourchardt about waste reduction strategies for large events, and Agronomist Omari Dill about achieving sustainability from an ecological perspective.  The program also included official highlights from Earth Hour 2023, Earth Hour Bermuda flashbacks from 2015 and 2019, and an intriguing presentation from Renegade Economist Kate Raworth on Donut Economics. 

Earth Hour Live will be broadcast on Channel 82 and our website,



  • To strengthen our connection with nature, inspire environmental action and raise awareness about sustainable living.

Time and Date

  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 (Lights Out from 8:30 - 9:30pm)

This year’s broadcast includes the following topics:

  • Official Highlights from Earth Hour 2023

  • Opening Comments | Eugene Dean | Host and Greenrock Chairman

  • Living in Harmony with Mother Nature | Preston James | Health Coach

  • Earth Hour Global | Give an Hour for Earth

  • Donut Economics | Kate Raworth | Renegade Economist

  • Flashback | Earth Hour Bermuda 2015

  • 21st Century Economics and Robustness | Craig Simmons | Educator

  • Flashback | Earth Hour Bermuda 2019

  • Waste Reduction Strategies for Large Events | Stefan Bourchardt | Take 5 Catering

  • Sustainability and Ecology | Omari Dill | Agronomist

  • Countdown to Earth Hour

Did you miss the 2022 live event? Take a look at it now!



The Live Recording from 2021 is also available on our YouTube Channel.



In the leadup to the Living Green Expo, Greenrock has produced an interview series featuring a variety of vendors from the Green Economy.  All the the vendors interviewed will be present at the expo on Sunday, January 28th and the discussions focus on how the community can benefit from the products and services they provide.


Eugene Dean | Greenrock Chairman

Tracey Gibbons | Heaven + Earth Creative Healing Solutions

Clare Panchaud | Meraki Holistic Health Solutions

Doreen Williams James | Wild Herbs & Plants of Bermuda




Kyle Fisher | BAC Group 



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