speak_up2.jpg State Your Opinion - 2008 Bermuda Development Plan Draft

During this public consultation period of the 2008 Bermuda (Development) Plan Draft, Greenrock encourages all Bermudians to review the document. Greenrock will collect these public opinions so that they can be presented to the Department of Planning.

morgans_pt.gifSouthlands Move to Morgan’s Point

Greenrock’s Response - April 9, 2008

Greenrock is pleased by the swap of Southlands for Morgan’s Point and believes this compromise truly represents a ‘win-win-win’ scenario for all the parties involved in this deal:

trevortodd1.jpgGreenrock was delighted to be selected by Trevor Todd as a recipient of the proceeds from his charity art show and auction at Blu Bar and Grill,  Belmont Hills. Greenrock received a cheque for $500 from Mr. Todd for our “Changing the Mindset” fund.

beheard.jpg Press Release - May 12, 2008 - Greenrock has stated in the past, and continues to state now, that Bermuda must first develop a comprehensive energy plan, which provides both short- and long-term guidance on Bermuda’s energy needs while balancing environmental, economic and social perspectives.

In the short term, this plan might focus on conservation by providing economic incentives and guidelines to those customers who conserve energy by installing certified energy-saving technologies or micro-renewables. Within this short period, this plan should separately address the cost of energy used by residential versus commercial customers, thus lessening the socio-economic division occurring in our community.


Earth Hour was a huge global success! On Saturday, March 29, from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. people around the world turned out their lights for Earth Hour, sending a very strong message to our government, and governments around the world, that we need to take action on climate change now.

Earth Hour encourages governments, companies and homeowners to voluntarily switch off power to non-essential appliances for one hour to illustrate how, by working together, people can make a difference by using less energy, thereby producing fewer greenhouse gas emissions.

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