Corporate CEOs, politicians, transport officials and many others from around the world came together in December to focus on the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Greenrock’s Michael Burke attended the conference in Washington, DC, held by the Electric Drive Transportation Association, and learned more in three days than he had in months of internet research. Here he summarises some of the information and ideas from the symposium.


An independent energy authority is the best way forward for the Island, according to sustainable development group Greenrock.

As the Department of Energy finalises its Green Paper on a National Energy Policy to submit to Cabinet, Greenrock believes an independent authority is the best option.


In 2007, Greenrock introduced biodegradable picnic ware to Bermuda. Since then, we have been strongly encouraging other local businesses to offer eco-friendly alternatives to conventional products in order to give consumers more sustainable choices.

Now ImportBda is introducing a more eco-friendly, sustainable product choice to the local food services industry. Their aim is to help reduce the amount of waste that will not decompose, waste which is harmful to our environment and whose production contributes to global climate change.

A conversation at schools about ‘going green’ and why Bermuda’s youth should care

Greenrock’s School Roadshow hit local schools this fall with a strong message about our collective social responsibility – to become more aware about the choices we can make in order for all of us to ensure that we maintain a sustainable state of balance in our community.

The goal of Greenrock is about changing the mindset when it comes to our lifestyle choices. Through this School Roadshow project, we are hoping to show our middle and senior school students that they are the ones who are able to help make meaningful and long-term changes when it comes to Bermuda’s future growth.

running1.jpgBy Ashley Couper Estwanik

One local runner has found a novel way of using her favourite pastime to help preserve Bermuda’s environment. Here, Ashley Couper Estwanik describes her love of running and how she came to support Greenrock while logging miles the pollution-free way.

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