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Greenrock President Andrew Vaucrosson talks to PlanetShifter’s Willi Paul about fundraising in an uncertain economy, the challenges Greenrock faces in trying to raise awareness of sustainability issues, and practicing what he preaches day to day.

1. With so much economic uncertainty in your country and world, how is doing on the financial front? Any advice to other groups?

Obesity on the rise Early this month, Greenrock launched its new Healthy Harvest Bermuda initiative. As a charity focused on raising awareness of sustainability issues, Greenrock looks not only at environmental concerns, but also at those that affect sustainable development. The health of the nation is part of that.

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A new Government scheme is making going green a little less expensive. The Solar Photovoltaic Rebate Initiative, which launched yesterday, will offer residents a rebate of up to $5,000 for the installation of solar panels.

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The Department of Energy tells us that every kilowatt hour of electricity generated in Bermuda pumps 751 grams of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere. This amounted to approximately 6.5 metric tons of CO2 per residential customer in 2007 (see the 2009 Energy Green Paper).

Recycling at workOne much-discussed issue in the last few months is how to manage waste. Not theoretical waste – wasted energy, wasted time – or even something more topical like wasted assets, but actual physical waste: bottles, paper, old computers, old food, stuff we are actively trying to get out the door.

Most companies are doing their best to dispose of waste in an environmentally friendly manner. Almost all companies have separate recycling bins. Many companies collect so many used phone books that the resultant stack could almost be a work of art or a feat of engineering. A lot of companies also try to find ways to give away or reuse old computers, monitors and cell phones to abate the embarrassment of electronic superfluity that seems to collect around most of us these days. However, disposing of things in an environmentally friendly way, particularly in Bermuda, is not easy.

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