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Recycling has been going on in the background of Bermuda’s tapestry since the early ’90s, but it has had its ups and downs along the way. Local sceptics have even questioned whether it actually occurs.

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Since starting the Green Office initiative in the later part of 2007, Greenrock has introduced this project to approximately 40 local companies. We hope that in 2009, we can double this number with the assistance of dedicated volunteers and the support of our Green Office Advisory Panel (GOAP).

Ashley and Chris

A running couple aren't just running for gold anymore. They are running for cash for local charities.

Validus Reinsurance has awarded runners Chris and Ashley Estwanik $5,000 each for the charity of their choice.

Mr. Estwanik, who works for Validus, selected Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Mrs. Estwanik, a teacher at the Bermuda High School for Girls, chose the environmental charity Greenrock ...


Corporate CEOs, politicians, transport officials and many others from around the world came together in December to focus on the future of electric vehicles (EVs). Greenrock’s Michael Burke attended the conference in Washington, DC, held by the Electric Drive Transportation Association, and learned more in three days than he had in months of internet research. Here he summarises some of the information and ideas from the symposium.


An independent energy authority is the best way forward for the Island, according to sustainable development group Greenrock.

As the Department of Energy finalises its Green Paper on a National Energy Policy to submit to Cabinet, Greenrock believes an independent authority is the best option.

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