Tucker's Point looked into solar energy in 2007 and invited four companies on the Island to submit proposals.

The system was required to produce 900 gallons of hot water each day, which will help ensure the reliability of water in the event of power outages and reduce costs for the company. PureNERGY Renewable Ltd. was chosen.  

"To be able to tell our guests that the hot water they are using in the Golf Clubhouse rest rooms and locker rooms was generated using the power of the sun gives us great pride," Kevin Lanthier, vice-president of Facilities Management at the resort, said.  

The system has been operating since September 2009, but was officially launched yesterday. So far the hotel has seen a five to ten percent reduction in electricity bills, and it hopes this figure will rise.  

"We are happy to announce that we plan to continue our partnership with PureNERGY Renewables and are, in fact, currently exploring new initiatives that could be undertaken throughout the resort," added Mr. Lanthier.  

Minister of Energy Michael Scott applauded the hotel for its leadership and said he hoped others would look at renewable energy options as well.  

"We live on an island that is bathed in sunlight and surrounded by water, which acts as a reflector of the sunshine," he said. "Using solar power makes sense. I hope others will look at options like this one. The partnership between Tucker's Point and PureNERGY shows leadership and sends the right message."  

And the Minister said he hoped the rebates Government put in place for equipment related to renewable energies would encourage others to explore their options.  

Kevon Makell, vice-president and general manager of PureNERGY, said his company had enjoyed the partnership with Tucker's Point.  

He added: "Because we know that every renewable energy system installed in Bermuda relies upon a naturally clean power source, we're proud to be in the business of contributing to a greener Island. As a company we are pro-renewable, pro-solar and pro-Bermuda."  

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