Ms. Moran stated, “Andrew Vaucrosson will be replacing me as President of Greenrock. Andrew and I have been working closely for over two years and Mr. Vaucrosson has been the driving force in Greenrock’s change of focus and has offered his skills in marketing and business to make Greenrock a tightly run charity. He solicited several strong candidates to the management committee as well as exceptional advisors, both local and overseas. Mark Booth will be stepping into Mr. Vaucrosson’s role as Vice President. Mark has recently returned to Bermuda with his wife and family and understands the challenges that Bermuda faces if it doesn’t change its mindset.”

Ms. Moran started Greenrock in 2003 when she felt an urgent need to change peoples’ mindsets (particularly young people) when it came to our environment. Initially, Greenrock focused on community projects and a large musical event, but with the introduction of the Sustainable Development initiative, spearheaded by Government under the leadership of the Hon. Alex Scott, focus shifted towards teaching people how to make better sustainable lifestyle choices.

Greenrock has remained non-partisan when it comes to dealing with key stakeholders in the public and private sector and aims to build consensus and vision for Bermuda’s sustainable future. Greenrock feels the timing for taking action is NOW based the facts outlined in the current Government’s own strategy document SDSIP (Sustainable Development Strategy and Implementation Plan).

Greenrock’s website provides simple but practical TIPS on how one can start to change their mindset along with other interesting articles. Greenrock strives to make its website a ‘resource tool’ for facts relating to sustainable lifestyle choices. Due to its non-partisan position, Greenrock hopes the website will provide more transparency when it comes to Government’s own Sustainable Development Plan (SDSIP). The complete version of the SDSIP is posted on Greenrock’s website in an annotated format making it easier for the general public to review and understand.

Greenrock continues to be a driving catalyst in promoting green technologies and businesses in Bermuda (i.e., e-scooters, bio-diesel, wind turbines, dehumidifier water coolers) and has worked along side green-entrepreneurs to ensure business plans and products are sustainable in their own right. For example, the Greenrock reusable grocery bag - BYOB (Bring Your Own Bag) is selling off the shelves at its 3 current locations: Pulp and Circumstance, Bermuda Bookstore, and Coffeeworks. These bags are attractive, extremely durable and carry as many groceries (and sometimes more) than paper or plastic grocery bags. This may seem a small lifestyle change but it helps to reduce Bermuda’s accumulation of trash and its ‘carbon footprint’.

Ms. Moran stated, “I leave Greenrock in good hands with good people. I’ve seen this organization grow from an idea to a movement. Bermuda’s sustainable future is a topic that will bring people together since it affects all of us. I have faith in those who love this island that they will do their utmost to ensure that it’s preserved for those future generations….and that the unique beauty of this island is not swallowed up in its own greed and consumption. Decisions need to be made, choices need to be provided, and Greenrock will be there to help. With the support of companies and patrons, Greenrock can achieve its goal of ‘Changing the Mindset’ in Bermuda towards sustainable lifestyle choices.”

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