Recipients of this year’s Public Health Awards were commended for contributing to the success of public health in Bermuda relating to the World Health Day theme: “Protecting health from climate change”. This year’s theme highlights that climate change is real, human activities are a major cause, and human health is threatened by these adverse changes. The award recipients were selected from nominations by members of the public.

Greenrock was recognised for making a difference to Bermuda’s public health through initiatives such as its:

  • CFL bulb swap
  • BYOB public service announcements and sale of reusable bags
  • Climate Change School Roadshow
  • work with local retailers to promote sustainable products such as e-scooters, biodiesel and micro-renewables
  • Green Office initiative
  • work with the Government to promote sustainable living and engage discussion on newsworthy issues in Bermuda.


Greenrock also was commended for going above and beyond the call of duty by using a completely volunteer-based membership to forward its agenda and engaging in fundraising to finance initiatives, and for its creative approach to its goal of “changing the mindset” by encouraging Bermuda to make sustainable lifestyle choices.

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