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Bermuda's Sargasso Sea marine algae could revolutionize the fuel of the future. Scientists are a step closer to uncovering the most productive algae in Bermuda to make Biodiesel.


Do you ever wonder what life will be like in Bermuda 10, 20, or even 50 years from now? Will we still be heavily dependent on foreign oil to fuel our vehicles and generate electricity? Will anyone know what a Bermuda orange, peach or watermelon looks or taste like?


Recently the Government’s Sustainable Development Committee provided an open forum for discussion of the BP Oil Spill at BUEI. Moderator for the evening, Mr. Richard Winchell provided an overview of the panelists and their views. Overall the group was cautiously optimistic that Bermuda will not be drastically affected.

Planting for the future: The Greenrock team plant a tree at Elliot Primary School to thank graduating students for their help and encouragement in going green.

Children at Elliot ­Primary School will be ­encouraged to spread the word as they grow up green.

Work is well under way to name the primary school in Hermitage Road, Devonshire, as Bermuda’s first green school.

Environmental charity Greenrock is working in partnership with the ­Ministry of Education and the Department of Energy to introduce a whole host of eco-friendly projects.


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