solar_panel_bermudaSustainable cottages, duty reductions on energy efficient products, rebates on solar PV installations, an energy Green Paper published, a possible wind farm in the next five years . . .

This is the long list of green accomplishments and ideas that have started to take shape in Bermuda's alternative energy sector, but we still have a long way to go before we can reverse the impact of our heavy reliance on fossil fuels.

GREENROCK SAYS: During the global economic crisis, people were seeking out "safe havens" for long-term growth and opportunity. Most advance thinkers see the emergence of Green Technologies (GT) as next social and economic revolution. Just as the steam engine or telephone was when they had been introduced.

9 BeachesAs many as 120 residential units could be built at the 9 Beaches Resort, according to details contained in a Special Development Order (SDO) granted for the development.

A notice published in the Official Gazette said the estimated $80 million redevelopment of the West End resort would include 120 one, two and three bedroom dwellings for residential or tourism related use, in addition to 69 new hotel units.

wv1_23687801It's Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) and Bermuda's small business spirit is being encouraged.

The week will feature a number of activities to further the entrepreneurship theme.

wv1_23498501The City Market, which has grown in popularity over the years after first starting out as the Farmers' Market, opens up again this month at the Bull's Head Car Park on Saturday mornings.

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