LED Tube LightingSmaller businesses are taking energy conservation into their own hands and trying out different ways to lower their electricity bills.

Sarah Vallis, the office manager at Vallis & Hayward Ltd., the company that maintains the Vallis and International buildings in the City of Hamilton, has been taking such measures.


Halloween may be over, but vampires and phantoms are still lurking around your home. No, this isn't some ghost hunter's special only for old haunted houses, this affects every home — as long as you are plugged in, energy vampires will be sucking your blood. Well, more like your hard earned money.

wv1_23718601Bermuda's retailers have reacted guardedly to proposals from Government to phase out the use of plastic bags.

The idea, raised during the Throne Speech, was expanded upon in the House of Assembly by new Deputy Premier Derrick Burgess, who called plastic bags a menace to Bermuda's environment.


A Better Choice for Bermuda

GREENROCK SAYS: On our website, we have many articles about smart, alternative transportation in Bermuda. By not being a major car market in the eyes of the manufacturers, we have little choice but to accept the types of cars made available to this market.

The Belco announcement  at the start of November that customers are finally able to connect to the grid was welcome, if long overdue. It is now possible for those who are generating renewable energy , through wind or solar power, to feed electricity back into the grid , reducing their monthly Belco bill.

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