Voigt Alexander Voigt's 'green' energy ideas

CNN's Diana Magnay sees the latest "green" ideas from Alexander Voigt, CEO of Younicos.

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green_gym CNN's Patrick Oppmann visits a gym powered in part by the people who work out there.

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PermacultureBasics In these fast-paced times, we may often find ourselves wondering what can be done about all the destruction and waste which occurs in the name of progress.

How do we, as individuals, contribute positively to our situation in this life?

One of the biggest threats to your way of life is not gang violence, hurricanes or health related issues, but it is the cost and supply of energy. All it takes is a prolonged blackout or protracted rise in oil prices to cause severe economic, social and environmental disruption.

Elliot Students from Elliot Primary show off all the trash they picked up to help make Bermuda a cleaner place.

As we begin the new school year, it's a good time to start encouraging our children to embrace a green environment.

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