Greenrock is a very lean charity which is run completely by volunteers with the exception of a part-time executive administrator. We are funded entirely through grants and donations with a total annual budget of around $200,000; 70% of which goes towards our events (e.g. Earth Hour) and projects (e.g. Hydration Stations) with the remaining 30% covering advocacy, communication and general administration costs.

Greenrock is the only organization in Bermuda that directly addresses how we, as individuals and businesses, use resources and manage waste. The choices we make daily combine to impact global climate change, marine plastic pollution, habitat degradation etc. They also directly impact our cost of living today and in the future. Greenrock promotes sustainability by;

  • Showing people and companies how to reduce electricity usage and bills. This, in turn, reduces the size of the power plant(s) needed to produce our electricity
  • Working with Belco and the Energy Commission to use cleaner technology and less fossil fuels to generate electricity, and by lobbying for incentives for renewable energy
  • Advocating for building standards, particularly in low-cost housing, which incorporate the latest insulation, energy efficiency and low-impact design. Greenrock believes 'low-cost housing' should be BOTH cheaper to buy AND cheaper to live in and maintain.
  • Encouraging people to generate less waste by rejecting disposable products (e.g. plastic bags, bottles, Styrofoam plates, single-use cups etc). This, in turn, reduces the mammoth cost of waste disposal in Bermuda
  • Helping government and potential contractors keep up-to-date on waste incineration best practises and technologies to both maximize (waste to energy) electricity generation and minimize toxic by-products.

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