Bermuda makes a small contribution to global climate change, but the likely effect on us - if we consider predicted sea level rise, as well as the predicted increase in number and severity of hurricanes - is significant.

We have made no concerted efforts to date to cut our emissions as a country - no significant policy decisions, virtually no measurable personal reductions. There are ample opportunities for us to change our emissions as a country - we need to start to act today! Talk to your Members of Parliament, talk to the Ministers, ask for:

  1. Energy audits for all large buildings: acting on an audit typically cuts electricity demand by 10-25%
  2. Only allow import of energy efficient appliances
  3. Act on emissions data from TCD: ban vehicles with heavy emissions and impose a low emission requirement for registration
  4. Actively encourage energy from renewable sources.

Climate Progress article "2013: The Year of Climate Decision"

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