They grow Bermuda cedar, Olive woods, Button woods, Snowberries, Yellow woods and the Bermuda Palmetto at their greenhouses next to Somersfield Academy, which they sell to the public. 1 gallon pots are $12 and 3 gallon pots are $40.

Below is the information they sent us to share;

olivewoodOur charity, Save Open Spaces, owns and operates a non profit greenhouse on some National Trust property in the Devonshire Marsh. We are growing endemics with the goal of reintroducing these species back into the Bermudian landscape. At our greenhouse we have several thousand plants like Bermuda cedar, Olive woods, Button woods, Snowberries, Yellow woods and the Bermuda Palmetto. We sell them to anyone who is interested and this is how we sustain ourselves. Our 1 gallon pots are $12 and our 3 gallons are $40 which is less expensive than commercial plant stores.

A couple of years ago we donated 8000 Cedars to every public school child. This month we would like to give away 1200 trees to the private schools. We also supply the National Trust with all their endemic.

We employ one gardener, Joe Perreria, who is a master horticulturalist. He has refined the art of growing cedars from berries and he is willing to demonstrate this technique to any groups who are interested. His phone number is 7998853.

The head of SOS is Stuart Smith, founder of the greenhouse, and the organizer of our volunteers. We are always keen to attract anyone interested in lending a hand. Stuart can be reached on 7779856

Stuart also doubles as the Bermuda bluebird steward, making sure the golf course bird boxes are being monitored, organizing schools and others to build new boxes, installing boxes in peoples yard and public spaces. He also answers any blue bird questions although the following link gives most FAQ’s

SOS LOCATION Our driveway runs parallel to the Western border of the Somersfield school entrance. You turn left immediately before that entrance and drive down almost to the end of the semi dirt road taking a left when you see the greenhouses. There is someone there usually every Monday Wednesday or Saturday morning.

To learn more about Bermuda's native and endemic plants, visit the government's Dept of Conservation Services website -

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