Thankfully, printer cartridge collection and recycling programs are becoming commonplace. Options range from refill services; to drop-off points at retailers; to postage-paid mail-in services and rebates.

But what are your options here in Bermuda?

1) Refill at Cartridge World

Instead of trashing empty printer cartridges, have them refilled. Located opposite TCD, Cartridge World Bermuda aim to provide customers with a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to continuously purchasing new printer consumables. They also provide practical advice on how to prolong the life of your cartridges. For example, "Never let a cartridge run out of ink completely. Your inkjet will burn out if it continues to fire while the supply of ink is cut off. Always have a replacement cartridge on hand. If the cartridge is showing 'empty', have it refilled or replaced immediately."

Cartridge World offers a Recycling Collection Bin service. "If you are interested in having Cartridge World set up a cartridge recycling program with your business, school or organization, please contact us and ask for a Recycling Collection Bin."

Visit Cartridge World Bermuda on-line at or call 295-2603.

2) Drop-off at Tops, A.F. Smith or Red Laser

Trashed printer cartridges end up being burnt at Tynes Bay incinerator. A better choice is to drop-off your empties for recycling at Tops on Mill Creek Road, AF Smith on Tumkins Lane or Red Laser on Bakery Lane.

Visit Tops Ltd. on-line at or call 292-5500.

Visit A.F. Smith on-line at or call 292-1882.

Visit Red Laser on-line at or call 296-6400.

Joseph Calauro of Red Laser tells us "We do recycle cartridges and have been doing so for 20 years. In fact we are in the process of filling another 20' container of empty cartridges and sending them to the UK for recycling." He added "We do sell recycled (compatible) cartridges but only those options that we have found to be the most reliable. Customers can drop off their empty cartridges to us regardless of whether or not they chose to purchase the cartridge from us to begin with. We also offer free pick up from customers in the Hamilton area.".

3) eWaste Drop-off Days

The Waste Management Section of the Ministry of Public Works organize eWaste drop-off days, and list them on their annual Garbage & Recycling Schedule.

Chipped cartridges (ie cartridges that have micro-chips) can be dropped off at eWaste events on March 8, July 12 and November 22, 2014. View the full 2014 Garbage & Recycling schedule here.

They also accept eWaste at their Materials Recovery Facility (18 Quarry Road, Hamilton Parish) from Monday to Friday by appointment by calling 501-3023.

Visit Government's Waste Management Section on-line at, call 501-3023 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information.

4) Buy Smart

Prevention is better than cure. The smartest way to reduce printer ink cartridge costs and waste is to chose carefully when buying your printer. It saves you money in the long-term to invest in an energy efficient printer that uses fewer larger (and ideally refillable) cartridges. Be sure to ask your retailer about the consumables when buying a printer, i.e. how many pages each ink cartridge will print, and what the cartridges cost to refill or replace. While you're at it, also ask about the printer's energy efficiency rating.

If you know of other printer cartridge collection and recycling programmes available in Bermuda, or want to share your experiences with the services listed, please let us know by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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