Carol is a member of the Greenrock Management Team and actively involved in sustainability issues in Bermuda.

The following article is taken from the FoodBank South Africa website.

FoodBank SA is a WINNER

Climate_Change_AwardFoodBank SA receives Climate Change AwardAll of us at FoodBank SA were delighted and honoured to be recognised at an important recent awards ceremony.

The ‘Climate Change Leadership Awards’ are described as the first in Africa to recognise, reward, motivate and celebrate businesses, communities, youth, schools and individuals who are leading the way in climate change response and mitigation. As a continental response to climate mitigation, the Awards were established with the realisation that tackling the climate change challenge cannot be confined to artificial borders but require a concerted effort from all stakeholders in society across the continent.

This year the scope of categories was expanded and judging methodologies evolved to sustain the spirit of the awards and cater to growing interest across the board.

FoodBank SA was honoured to be the outright winner of the Waste Minimisation Award.  We won because of our Food Rescue programme, which reclaims thousands of tons of food each year. This food would otherwise be wasted and sent to landfills. Instead, FoodBank SA redistributes this perfectly nutritious food to those that really need it.

The judges assessed that FoodBank SA was clearly dealing with both aspects of climate change, namely mitigation (by reducing emissions from landfills) and adaptation (by addressing food security.)

Our sincere thanks to all involved with the Climate Change Leadership Awards. Your recognition of our efforts will encourage us during challenging times—and the related publicity and cash prize will help ensure that we can sustain our work.


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Carol also organised the collection, transportation and redistribution of used Saltus Grammar School uniforms (bearing the old logo) to needy school children in South Africa. Click here for related article.

To learn more about FoodBank South Africa, visit or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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