"In 2011 we sent 22 shipping containers of shredded and baled paper to Guardian's recycling partner in the United States, and since 2005 our clients have helped us to send almost 1.3 million pounds of paper or 130 million destroyed documents for recycling," said Len Aitken, Guardian's President. "Our recycling partner converts this material into useful items such as toilet paper, tissue paper, napkins and paper towels."

"By recycling this amount of paper we estimate (based on the US EPA and other web sources) that this has saved:

• 10,940 Trees

• 38,600 Pounds of air pollutants

• 244,500 Gallons of oil

• 2,638,000 Kilowatt hours of electricity

• 4,504,000 Gallons of water"

"We have our clients to thank for this achievement and we look forward to signing up new clients and increasing our efforts in 2012 and beyond."

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Guardian is about information management and information security; our clients call on us to provide smart and innovative solutions to collect, protect, move, store and destroy their valuable company and client information assets.

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