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For the past two years Greenrock has celebrated companies who have taken on the sustainability challenge and really made a difference. A standout example is Hiscox, who has won the Tenant category for the last two years. Their Green Team works consistently to find new ways to save money and reduce their carbon footprint; not only actively working in their own environment but also influencing neighboring tenants in the building to adopt 'green' cleaning practices.

Other past winners have adopted innovative initiatives such as:
Rosewood Tuckers Point recycles its cooking oil as bio-diesel fuel, and the Fairmont Hamilton Princess promotes green conferences.
HSBC has not just focused on an outstandingly efficient building for its new Harborview facility, but encourages changes in behavior such as carpooling
The Bermuda Government Department of Airport Operations changed their air conditioner thermostat by a couple of degrees and saved us all thousands of dollars.
Saltus Grammar School conducted annual waste audits and involved the entire school community in brainstorming ways to reduce trash.

The Green Workplace Awards also recognize individuals via the "Green Champion" Award: a Green Champion is someone who has made an outstanding effort to reduce the environmental impact of their organization.

At Greenrock our mission is to engage the community to share solutions for a sustainable Bermuda. Judith Landsberg, Greenrock President, commented: "The corporate environment is naturally competitive, it's in their DNA, so Greenrock, in partnership with the Bottom Line Magazine, decided to harness this competitiveness to save money and to help the planet."

To enter: Register on the Greenrock website before October 15th. Start collecting data, perhaps run an internal competition, or brainstorm other changes at work and give them a try. Pull the ideas together and submit on the Greenrock website by December 7th. Green Champions can be nominated on the website at any time before December 1 2013.

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