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Greenrock is working to empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable.

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Greenrock believes that if we act together, today: living sustainably will benefit today's and future generations. Changing our mindset to live within our means will have long-term benefits for our island, and will have immediate economic benefits .

By pursuing our current lifestyle we are using up the resources that belong to our children and grandchildren: it takes the Earth one year and six months to regenerate what we use in a year. We do not have to leave this burden; there is an alternative.

A sustainable life - Bermuda in 30 years:

An Island nation that lives within it's own ecological footprint. Zero carbon footprint: carbon emissions from energy and vehicles are low enough to be absorbed by green landscape and local fishing grounds. Sustainable thinking underpins our education system and our decision-making

Education: Schools' energy-saving behavior provides a model for their communities. Classes actively use the school gardens and energy facilities in their curriculum and engage students with alternative learning styles through engagement in the environment. Bermuda College is a world leader in training for "green jobs" such as energy management, zero-scaping, materials recycling and renewable installation.

Greenrock's Education Council, School Roadshow, and Green Schools Handbook all support these initiatives.

Housing: Planning codes and household behavior changes have resulted in 30% lower energy and water requirements: local traditional architecture styles include improved insulation, widespread reuse of building materials and grey water recycling. Newer architecture uses innovative approaches such as green walls and roofs and materials such as recycled plastics or tires.

Greenrock consults with the Government on planning codes and works with Architects and building companies.

Food: Community gardens and community supported agriculture have increased our local produce, food miles are labeled on all products, demand for meat and meat products has declined.

Greenrock's Healthy Harvest project actively promotes this concept.

Mobility: High penetration of electric vehicles, all oils are recycled as biodiesel fuel and supplemented by biodiesel from algae (commercialized from BIOS research) – there are no petrol vehicles. Public transport all uses renewable energy, runs cheaply and frequently and is well-patronized. Bike paths exist on major arteries for alternative transportation and bike friendly infrastructure, such as bike racks, are widespread.

Greenrock events such as "Moving Planet Day" promote these ideas.

Goods: non-renewable based products are banned as imports – all disposable products (plastic cups, straws, plates, bags) are starch-based rather than petroleum based, and also attract an additional duty which is used for the maintenance of onshore green-space and for the offshore marine protected area. Composting and minimized packaging reduces waste, and all waste disposal methods generate electricity.

Greenrock public service campaigns such as the BYOB campaign and the "No Thanks" plastic bag campaign encourage this behavior, the "hydration stations" project actively support changes in community behavior.

Energy: Peak electricity demand from the utility has dropped by 50% due to increased efficiency in homes and businesses (30%), and abundant micro-renewables provide for most of daytime use on homes and offices. Base load is provided by the waste-to-energy facility and tidal or wave energy, peak electricity demand is supplied by commercial wind or solar.

Greenrock's Green Office initiatives, Waste and Energy Committee, and projects such as the CFL bulb swap work to reduce dependence on fossil fuels

Business: Bermuda tourism is an example to the world – hotels use electric vehicles, recycle their grey water for landscaping, generate their own electricity and use bamboo and other renewable natural materials for furnishing and decorating. Bermuda is proud of the extent to which is protects its marine resources. Bermuda is a leader in attracting up-market eco-tourists. International Business is delighted to locate to a jurisdiction which is fully sustainable, and has excellent local skills in areas such as plant maintenance, native landscaping, and eco-psychology for employee health and energy management.

Greenrock's Green Buildings Forum and Green Office Project brings together companies to share ideas and work towards these goals.

Join us in Changing the Future!

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