March 23rd | Spirit House | 7pm-10pm

Switch off your lights and join Naturopath and Spiritual Teacher Dr. Kathia Roberts from SOAR Journeys and Geo Love Master Healer Ashley K. Gardener for a Sacred Earth Circle at Spirit House during Earth Hour, the largest global movement for nature.

Tune into the elements whilst Dr. Kathia leads a nature inspired, sound healing and shamanic circle, connecting with the seasons, honoring Mother Nature and offering prayers for peace and oneness. Dr. Kathia will speak on Earth Based Spiritual Practices, Ubuntu (African Spirituality) and sacred healing tools used in shamanism.

In this unique gathering, Ashley will use her expertise in sacred geometries to activate and harmonize nature's elements, aligning with Earth Hour's mission to deepen our connection with the earth.                                   

Set against the backdrop of Bermuda, an island imbued with mystical energies and ancient ties to Atlantis, this ceremony promises a profound experience of healing and expansion. Ashley's work with the sacred geometric patterns of nature aims to unleash an outpouring of unconditional love across Bermuda, extending a wave of positive energy around the globe.

This event is more than a moment of reflection; it's a call to action. With Dr. Kathia’s and Ashley's guidance, we'll tap into the earth's powerful energies, fostering a movement of harmony and love that resonates far beyond the hour. Be part of this transformative journey to celebrate our planet and actively contribute to its healing and elevation. Mark your calendars for an unforgettable experience of unity, healing, and global awakening.

Let's light up the world together and help create the Biggest Hour for Earth!

Limited spaces available. To register, please join Greenrock as a member or make a donation in support of Greenrock’s commitment to conservation and sustainability.



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