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Earth Day - Video Competition - Overall Winner


Lara Hetzel of BHS was awarded first place prize for her video 'Plastic Bag' at the screening of the Greenrock and the Bermuda National Trust's inaugural Earth Day Student Video Competition at the Bermuda College on 15th May.

Lara's video follows a single blue, plastic bag as it is blown into the ocean.



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Greenrock loves to share photos of Earth Day events.

To share photos of your Earth Day event, visit the Greenrock facebook page (facebook.com/greenrock), select Photo and Upload photo / video as shown below.



This year, the theme for Earth Day is Mobilize the Earth.

More than 1 billion people now participate in Earth Day activities each year, making it the largest civic observance in the world.

Why not join in by organizing or joining an Earth Day event here in Bermuda?!

Organize an Earth Day Event

Earth Day events are limited only by your imagination. There are plenty of things you or your organisation can do here in Bermuda to have fun and foster positive change in our community. Develop your own Earth Day event or use one of the ideas listed below! Most importantly, make sure you do something that is engaging and that you enjoy; we want people to get excited about protecting the environment!

  • Organize an Earth Day hike, bike, walk, run, swim or bike outing.
  • Arrange a beach or neighborhood cleanup.
  • Call a school or community center and offer to build and plant a vegtable garden for them and help maintain it during the year.
  • Organize a screening of an environmentally themed documentary such as The Story of Stuff, Food Inc., Bag It or Who Killed the Electric Car.
  •  Invite a 'green' speaker or local environmentalist to educate your group about the threats to environmental sustainability and the ways to combat them.
  •  Fund-raise for a 'green' charity

For even more ideas, check out this in depth Organizer's Guide.

Remember, no Earth Day event is too small. Join the movement and start organizing today!

With thousands of Earth Day events and a billion participants, this Earth Day we can show the world that every individual can make a difference!


Promote Your Event

Greenrock can help with that. Once you've decided on your event, please register your event here. All local Earth Day events registered with Greenrock will be listed on this site.


Join an Event

All local Earth Day events registered with Greenrock are listed here. For each event, we list the event details and whether the organizers are looking for people to attend or volunteer at the event.




For more information about Earth Day in Bermuda, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

For more information about the global 'Mobilize the Earth' campaign and all additional programs that Earth Day Network is working on, please visit earthday.org/2012.

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