biodegrad-picnicware.jpgNOW Available in Bermuda

Since our introduction of biodegradable picnicware at the Heather Nova and Friends Festival of Music in June 2007,  Lindos Family Foods now stocks the items and they are selling well.  More information about using biodegradable items....

Grocery Bags created by Greenrock

Just how many grocery bags do you shove into cupboards and then throw out 6 months later?

Why not take your own bags to the store?

Then again, why not take the new Greenrock BYOB?

recyclenew.gifIn Bermuda we have a waste-to-energy plant which makes electricity from burning waste. At the moment we do not have paper or plastic recycling as these products have high energy content and we are able to make electricity from them.

Bermuda is focusing on T.A.G. recycling which stands for Tin, Aluminium and Glass. These materials do not burn in the waste to energy plant and in fact reduce its efficiency and can in fact help it to break down.
Water from air water cooler
A Watercooler that Saves You Money and the Environment

Compared to buying bottled water, Aquamaker’s “water from air” technology produces “practically free”, unlimited clean, clear water. And at the same time it dehumidifies and clears the air of more than 95% of contaminants. It’s not magic but it’s close.

Wind PowerWind Power Systems & Turbines

Wind power consumes no fuel for continuing operation, and has no emissions directly related to electricity production.  Because it uses energy already present in the atmosphere, and can displace fossil-fuel generated electricity, with its accompanying CO2 emissions, wind power mitigates Global Warming. 

About Greenrock

According to The Footprint Network, which measures the ability of the planet to produce resources and absorb waste, our resource use and waste production is 60% more than the earth can produce or absorb annually.

This overshoot is the result of decisions that we each make every day. We seek to generate debate and to influence people to change their behaviour.We strive to be catalysts: Success for us is when we can Change the Mindset so that sustainable use of resources is included in decision-making for individuals, government or businesses. ... read more

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