Here is a short video from our 2012 Earth Hour Expo, inspiring us to keep on moving and championing a powerful message for action on climate change.

We hope you'll feel the same.

Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) researchers have been digging once again in all of our interests and have the real scoop behind the Devonshire March Development controversy. They have released an excellent video showing why the warehouse development applied for at Devonshire Marsh should have been rejected, and not even considered by the Development Applications Board (DAB), much less been the subject of an appeal. Full details at <

EH_sign_upEach year, Greenrock and its partners in the Earth Hour Council aim to engage with as many local businesses and properties in Bermuda to participate in Earth Hour.

Our pdf Business Participation Agreement outlines why this global event is important and asks everyone – from property owners, facilities managers, employees – to turn off all non-essential lights in the workplace for Earth Hour (23-Mar, 8:30 – 9:30 PM). 

EarthHour_cityhall_eventEarth Hour is a symbolic event where on the last Saturday in March billions of people across the globe switch lights off at 8.30pm for one hour to mark the world's largest public action for climate change. We encourage all Bermuda residents and businesses to do the same plan an event, have a candle-light dinner, or cast your vote for action on climate change by turning out your lights!

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GWAsHere are the 2011 Green Workplace Awards winners.

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