Such a massive structure surely requires large quantity of raw material. It is said that around 180 million cubic meters of dug up earth was taken away to build the Great Wall. Experts say that most of the people who died while working here were buried in the wall, which was a rich source of raw material for General Meng Tian, who was in charge of creating the Great Wall.

Ming was perceptibly not satisfied with the wall. Therefore, he decided to rework and strengthen the huge edifice. The cost and labor involved this time was phenomenal. Over 60 million cubic meters of rocks, stones, and bricks were laid down, which took around 100 years to conclude the project. However, the effort didn't crop good results as the massive wall wasn't enough to stop the storming attack of Manchu armies. They invaded Middle Kingdom and ruled Chine for more than two and half centuries.

The Great Wall has little functions until recent years, when it was taken over by the tourist industry. A number of sections were improved, rebuilt, knitted, and conserved. Restaurant, cafes, shops, and parks were built, and the wall was opened for tourists.

The chief section of the Great Wall includes Badaling, which is visited by lots of tourist crowd, while Jinshanling and Simatai are attractive but not visited by so many people. It is observed that people love the authenticity and originality of the wall. Hence, they mostly visit the un-rebuilt parts of this structure. But, you should be careful when visiting these places because these areas can be dangerous and unsafe. At least that's what the government says. So, they occasionally impose bans and fines for people entering this area.

Unfortunately, the Great Wall of China is gradually deteriorating due to many reasons. Firstly, the local farmers are stealing its earthen core to use it in their farms. Secondly, the stones and rocks are being stripped from the citadel to built roads and buildings. Another reason why people are now worried to visit this place is the recent series of orgies and rave parties, which infuriated locals. Hence, along with firmness, the significance of Great Wall seems to be depreciating year by year.

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