Beyond Rugby Bermuda works with kids at Cedarbridge High School and Dellwood Middle School"Beyond Rugby was developed as partnership between the Family Center and the BRFU as a means to help the Island's youth have a better environment to succeed in.

"With homework support and other needs young people need addressed we use rugby and the discipline it creates to instill positive values in our youth and help," said Mr Layfield, a commentator for the longest running episodic show in TV history, WWE's Monday Night Raw, and WWE's Smackdown.

"Earth Hour hopes to be the catalyst for change in the environment another way - that is by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels. That creates a more sustainable future for our children and that is a legacy that we should be supporting," added Mr Layfield, who also appears weekly on Fox News and Fox Business.

Earth Hour takes place tonight from 8.30pm to 9.30pm and people in Bermuda are being urged to support it by turning off their lights for an hour or attending a host of events at the Washington Mall and City Hall.

It is a world-wide event, involving millions of people, aimed at drawing attention to environmental issues such as reliance on fossil fuels.

The full schedule for Earth Hour is as follows:

  • 12:00pm – 5pm Living Green Expo – Upper Level, Washington Mall
  • 6pm Children's activities, including face painting, bouncy castle and giant Jenga – City Hall Lawn
  • 6pm – 7:20pm Surviving Progress, an acclaimed documentary featuring interviews with film director Martin Scorcese, anthropologist Jane Goodall and physicist Stephen Hawking – Earl Cameron Theatre
  • 6pm-7:30pm Reading Corner, a series of readings organized by Bermuda National Library that aims to enlighten children through fun stories about how they can do their part to conserve energy and minimize waste - City Hall Lawn
  • 6:45pm Bermuda Yoga and Horizon Health yoga and Pilates classes – City Hall Lawn
  • 7:15pm Spoken word artist Tiffany Paynter
  • 7:30pm Rebecca Faulkenberry and Reeve Carney, stars of Broadway's Spider-Man:Turn Off the Dark – City Hall Lawn
  • 7:30pm-9:30pm Performances by In Motion Dancers, Rock Fire, Island Teaser, DanceSations and TROIKA; ecoRUNWAY trash fashion show by Bermuda High School for Girls – City Hall steps
  • 8:30pm-9:30pm Walk of Flame celebrating Earth Hour* - begins and ends at City Hall

John Layfield signing autographs in Dec 2008 *WikipediaThe event is being organised by Greenrock, and its Executive Director Gordon Johnson, said: "It means an awful lot when someone like John Layfield, who is extremely well-known around the world, backs what we are doing.

"As well as creating a legacy for our children and their children which is sustainable, Earth Hour represents a time when we can do without electricity. Doing without electricity altogether is clearly not feasible but using less helps our environment and cuts down on our energy bill."

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