In the spring, we facilitated schools' participation in Earth Day events. We also welcomed our FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) mentor to the island. She assisted with programme planning and stakeholder engagement by hosting our delivery partners and teachers at informational/networking events as we build involvement in the programme.

In June, we attended the FEE bi-annual General Assembly in Copenhagen to learn from our colleagues around the globe and contribute to the strategic direction of the international members' organization.

Throughout the summer, we have focused on developing support materials to enable a strong continuation, enhancement and development of the programme. Firstly, our "Eco-Schools Bermuda Handbook" is complete and digitally available for anyone interested. We have also secured the opportunity to offer teacher professional development in October on how to effectively implement Eco-Schools. We plan to host teacher focus groups to evaluate links to the curriculum. We will also start to form our Accrediting Committee, who will be responsible for evaluating schools' portfolios for consideration of Green Flag Awards.

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