Environmental campaigners say refusal of planning permission for a wind turbine at a Grade Two-listed house is an example of "double speak" by Government.

Greenrock and the Bermuda Environmental and Sustainability Taskforce (BEST) both criticised the Department of the Environment yesterday for lack of consistency in policy.

They said the refusal of an appeal for the micro-wind turbine due to its "visual impact" was at odds with a decision earlier this year to delist the Grade One-listed building, the 'Queen of the East', leaving the 18th century building vulnerable to development.

Campaigners for sustainable development have welcomed a trial by Belco into domestic wind and solar power but say they should be included in the process.

Green campaigners are echoing calls for Bermuda’s Baselands to be cleaned up to release land for development.

gas.jpgEnvironmental campaigners say Government needs to “wake up” over the Island’s reliance on oil imports.

With inflation at a 16-year-high, Government has singled out soaring global oil costs, but environmentalists say Ministers are not doing enough to action alternative energy sources.


Musicians weren't the only performers wowing the public at the recent Greenrock concert held at the Arboretum, there was also environmentally friendly electric scooters, biodegradable cutlery and bio-diesel fuel, among other things.

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