Colonial Group CEO Alan Peacock said, “As an insurance firm we are well aware of how changes in the environment can affect the climate and how those changes can cause catastrophic events.

Dawn & The Rhythm Fire Drummers at the 2012 Earth Hour:

“Earth Hour is an international event and it is more than just turning lights off for an hour. It is about creating a legacy that creates a sustainable future for our children and their children.

“I am delighted to be able to announce that Colonial will support Earth Hour and I sincerely hope others, whether it be an individual, an organization or a company, follow suit.” Colonial will all turn off its lights on March 27 between 10am and 11am.

On March 29, people are being encouraged to attend events in the Washington Mall and the City Hall car park. They are also being encouraged to turn off their lights between 8.30pm and 9.30pm.

The event is being organized by sustainability group Greenrock which hopes companies will adopt Earth Hour and encourage their staff to attend. It also hopes it will be adopted by a huge range of organisations on the Island such as schools and charities.

Joy Barnum at the 2012 Earth Hour:

Greenrock Executive Director, Gordon Johnson, said, “I am thrilled that a company such as Colonial has agreed to support our event and I hope others follow Colonial’s lead. They are an extremely well-known and well regarded local company and this is a big boost for us.

“Earth Hour can be just the start of a change in attitudes in Bermuda. We desire less reliance on fossil fuels and we must think of the legacy we want to leave our children and the generations that follow. We want to help people reduce their energy bills in this extremely challenging time.”

If your company would like to sign up to switch off head to to make your pledge!

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