"The organisation places an emphasis on understanding its members' needs and receiving continuous feedback," said Ms Caldas.

"The delegates participated in strategy workshops focusing on implementing environmental education into programmes and discussed which priority areas to tackle.

"We also addressed what it means to 'live well within the limits of our planet', an area which must be explored deeply in Bermuda.

"Greenrock was assigned a new mentor from the US who has experience with Eco-Schools, our first FEE programme.

"In the near future, we will determine what the next FEE programme will be for Bermuda."

Ms Caldas praised the funding given by the Cummings V Zuill

Scholarship which, she said, went a long way to ensuring that Bermuda was in attendance.

"Our participation ensures we have the knowledge, capability and international support to guarantee our programmes meet international standards and best practices and are in keeping with FEE's global requirements.

"I met people who are working in their respective countries to address environmental issues and learned how they created opportunities to embed the FEE programmes into the fabric of their communities."

Eight local schools are currently participating in FEE's programme — Bermuda College, Elliot Primary, Sandys Secondary Middle School, Somersfield Academy, Stepping Stones Preschool, Victor Scott Primary, Warwick Academy and West Pembroke Primary.

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