This year, as part of that Green initiative, BF&M is donating 10 dollars to local charity Greenrock for each shareholder who signed up to obtain the BF&M annual report electronically.

Greenrock works "to empower individuals and companies to do their part in making Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally more sustainable for future generations." It was this commitment to Bermuda's sustainable future which attracted BF&M to financially help the organisation.

"Green is something that's been on the minds of the BF&M staff for many years," explains Mr. White. "It's not something that can be imposed upon a company but it was something that was important to all the staff here. A lot of younger people in Bermuda are very conscious of what you can do to help the environment and when we saw the benefits of helping Bermuda and that our staff was on board it was a natural choice to go Green."

BF&M has implemented a number of other tactics to lessen their environmental impact and be more sustainable and Mr. White notes: "Over the last few years we've replaced all our light bulbs for energy efficient bulbs, we offer electronic payments online so you don't have to waste paper, we have a company wide recycling programme, our annual report is printed on recycled paper and for 2010 our calendar is printed on recycled paper and printed with soy ink. All of our newsletters are circulated electronically which means you can read it online and not receive a printed version."

Mr. White is also a director of the Bermuda Environmental Alliance - a charity focused on putting Bermuda in the global spotlight through media and education. His dedication to a Greener Bermuda never wavers and he is happy to bring those admirable traits to BF&M.

"BF&M will continue to pursue more Green initiatives because it's important to Bermuda," he says. "We have a Green committee of five or six people who bring recommendations to the board. It makes sense business wise for companies to consider the environment and it's also emotional because people don't like to see trash needlessly generated. Potential new employees also find it appealing, especially the younger generation which is very much involved, and cares deeply for the future."

Explaining BF&M's association with Greenrock Mr. White says: "Our Green committee looked at a number of organisations and they thought Greenrock was one that highlighted what was most important to them. Greenrock is very supportive of the efforts of the staff within our company and it's a win win all around.

"This year we wanted to do something creative. We have around 1,200 shareholders and we offered our shareholders the annual report electronically. Some 225 shareholders took advantage of the option and we made a ten dollar donation to Greenrock for each of those shareholders.

Mr. White says it is rewarding to know you are doing something good for Bermuda and BF&M is recognised as a company who is doing everything they can to protect the environment.

Mr. White has some advice for companies looking to emulate their efforts saying: "Once you get started with it there is a groundswell that develops. It's really important to the younger staff and it doesn't cost a lot of money to help make your company go Green.

"It's a question of doing the right thing and helping the environment - which is very important in Bermuda."

BF&M is so dedicated to the environment that, along with HSBC, they are helping to finance Sir John Swan's new building at 141 Front Street. Among the new building's Green features are an automated building wide Energy Management System which controls lighting and energy consumption, waterless urinals in the men's bathrooms which saves up to one gallon per flush and double glazed solar control glass which keeps the interiors cool and reduces glare and noise pollution. The building is also designed to incorporate future energy reducing technologies such as photovoltaic solar panels and wind turbines.

Mr. White is proud of BF&M for doing their part in making Bermuda more sustainable and adds: "The BF&M Green initiatives have been very well received by everyone, especially the staff. Shareholder and policy holders like it because it's nice to be serviced by a company who is aware of the environmental issues in Bermuda."

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