earth-globe-green-genericThe Bermuda National Trust is inviting all students to participate in the 2014 Earth Day Student Video Competition to showcase your creativity, innovation, and commitment to our natural and cultural heritage, as well as to the future of the planet.

3-wheeled-carVisitors might be able to rent out three-wheeled city cars and covered trikes instead of hiring mopeds when they stay in Bermuda in the future.

Officials remain tight-lipped about exactly which 'alternative rental vehicles' might be used here. But the Bermuda Sun understands Government has received proposals from entrepreneurs looking to bring in two and three-wheeled, eco-friendly and battery operated vehicles, such as those shown here.

Judith LandsbergJudith Landsberg, who is stepping down as president of Greenrock, the environmental charity will continue her commitment to green issues on the other side of the world.

The environmentalist who is currently pursuing a Master's degree in environmental leadership courtesy of Duke University, is returning to her native Australia with her family.

no thanks 197x154Residents could wind up being charged 25 cents for every plastic bag they use, if the environmental group Greenrock has its way.

Similar initiatives have proven successful around the world at reducing plastic litter, Greenrock president Judith Landsberg said.

thumb kbblogoMore than three tons of trash have been found on Bermuda’s shorelines by volunteers for Keep Bermuda Beautiful’s annual Marine Clean-Up.

The 454 volunteers dispersed across 32 different locations and were asked to be ‘citizen scientists’ for the day by logging each type of litter they found.

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