Greenrock is an exceptionally lean charity with the vast majority of our work carried out by volunteers supported by a few local and environmentally conscious vendors. While we do seek funding specifically for a number of educational programs, our ‘Changing the Mindset’ fund is a general account that is used to help develop various projects, awareness campaigns and events.  It also covers the expenses associated with our administration and other incidentals as we develop and maintain our website, grow our social media presence, deploy communications strategies, monitor and draft responses to Government policies, work with grassroots organizations, partner with community leaders, and engage environmental NGOs. This is entirely funded through donations, individual membership, corporate supporters and sponsorship for various projects and events.



How We Make A Difference

Bermuda is a very small island with a high population density; therefore, every aspect of our environment is affected by human interaction. We use more than we can possibly produce ourselves and we create more waste than our island can readily absorb.  Like most developed nations we have adopted lifestyles, modes of production and consumption that are both excessive and polluting.  Today it has become clear that these trends are unsustainable, and the general consensus is that they need to be reversed.

At Greenrock we recognize that there are ways to continue improving our standard of living while preserving our natural resources for future generations. This approach, called sustainable development, holds out the possibility of real progress for humanity and is the heart of all of our educational programs, awareness campaigns and community events.  By supporting Greenrock, you become a part of the solution by helping to change mindsets, inspire environmental action, develop sustainable solutions, build appreciation for nature and preserve our biodiversity for generations to come.


How Can I Get Involved?


Key Organizational Roles

Volunteer Coordinator | currently required

  • To adhere to the values of the organization and convey its purpose to others.
  • To actively recruit volunteers by using various marketing tools, communications strategies, and outreach events. 
  • To ensure that the organization and its programs remain well staffed. 
  • To ensure that the interests of volunteers are served.
  • To coordinate and schedule volunteers for programs, projects or single events. 
  • To keep existing volunteers informed via newsletter or other communications.

Administrator | position filled

To provide administrative support services as may be required by the Board of Directors.

Fundraiser | currently required

To raise the funds required to cover the charity’s educational programs, projects and operational costs by communicating with the private sector and private donors about the value we bring to Bermuda and the impact we have on the community at large.


Bermuda Marine Debris Task Force (BMDT)

Bermuda Marine Debris Task Force has been around since 2011. It functions as a collaboration with both scientific and environmental organizations who have the shared aim to educate, study effects of, develop solutions, and coordinate locally for the removal of plastic debris.  Marine life is severely at risk due to the plastic pollution in our waters and the impact it has on our environment. 

Greenrock representative to serve as a member of BMDT | position filled


Environmental Coalition (ECO)

The Mission of ECO is to facilitate and promote responsibility for and stewardship of our Island environment through communication, collaboration, awareness and action.  Membership is open to organizations and individuals who agree to participate in and support ECO's mission.

Greenrock representative to serve as a member of ECO | position filled


Active Programs

Green Building Forum

The Green Building Forum (GBF) promotes sustainable commercial environments and facilities management. Founded by Greenrock in 2009, the Green Building Forum encourages cooperation, innovation and knowledge exchange among local businesses working to create and maintain healthy eco-friendly environments which are also cost-effective. Corporate supporters and invited guests are encouraged to attend GBF meetings which are typically held every two months.

GBF Coordinator | currently required

  • Reach out to corporations about becoming Greenrock Corporate Supporters and manage the renewals of existing Corporate Supporters each year
  • Generate ideas for GBF topics, book speakers and venues for GBF events
  • Create reports for each GBF event to be shared with participants and posted online
  • Organize six (6) GBF events annually with refreshments provided by the host venue  


Earth Hour | Saturday, March 23rd, 2024

Starting as a symbolic lights out event in Sydney in 2007, Earth Hour is now one of the world's largest grassroots movements for the environment, inspiring millions of people to take action for our planet. Coordinated by the World Wildlife Federation (WWF) and other volunteer organizations, Earth Hour’s greatest strength is the power of people.  As accelerating climate change and staggering biodiversity loss threaten our planet, Earth Hour endeavours to spark never-before-had conversations on the loss of nature and the urgent need for us to protect it.

Earth Hour Production Team

  • Fundraising Coordinator | currently required
  • Volunteer Coordinator | currently required
  • Advertising Manager | currently required
  • Education | Awareness Coordinator | currently required
  • Lights Out Manager | Participation Drive | currently required


Living Green Expo | Sunday, November 19th, 2023

The Living Green Expo has been developed to provide a public platform for businesses in the green economy to showcase natural, holistic,  sustainable and environmentally friendly products and services to the broader community. The event is designed to encourage growth and collaboration within the industry while creating educational opportunities by sharing innovative ideas and demonstrating simple methods that inspire us to live naturally and think sustainably each and every day.

Living Green Expo Production Team

  • Registration Manager | Drive Participation | currently required
  • Advertising Manager | currently required
  • Education | Awareness Coordinator | currently required
  • Media Manager | Update Website & Registration Platform | currently required
  • Merchandise Coordinator | Purchase Greenrock apparel and merchandise | currently required
  • Site Manager | Secure venue, create site plans, coordinate vendors  | currently required
  • Race Directors | to organize and coordinate the 5K Walk & Run and the 25K Bike Ride & Cycle Rade | positions filled


Greenrock Youth Council (GYC)

Greenrock has formed a Youth Council to provide young environmental advocates and green entrepreneurs with a platform to express their interests, proposed solutions and collective concerns to our government, local businesses and the community at large. The council will also serve as a central hub for young leaders to collaborate with like minded peers, share ideas, raise awareness, organize initiatives, and support one another when it is time to make a stand.

GYC Coordinator | currently required

  • Recruit environmentally conscious young people willing to participate and assist
  • Encourage advocacy among young people
  • Foster collaborative initiatives, create and coordinate events 
  • Schedule and manage GYC meetings


Renewable Energy Action Plan

Greenrock has long been an advocate for renewable energy in Bermuda and, after working hard two years ago to ensure that we have an Energy IRP (integrated resource plan) that is pro-renewables, we are now focused on the development of a comprehensive plan that will revolutionize the way we use electricity and transition Bermuda from its sole reliance on fossil fuel generation to clean renewable energy generation that is reliable, affordable, good for the environment and, most importantly, essential for human health.    

Renewable Energy Action Team | Open for key additions

  • Collaborate with Stakeholders
  • Consult Industry Professionals who can assist with planning, feasibility studies and deployment
  • Consult the public for input and feedback on developments
  • Create local and international partnerships to enhance our efforts
  • Raise funds through stakeholder investment, charitable donations and public contributions


Monthly Newsletter

Greenrock’s monthly newsletter provides an opportunity to update our supporters with useful information about the environment, sustainability and the local green economy.  It is a platform that can be used to inspire environmental action and an excellent resource for sharing ideas, updates on current projects as well as upcoming events.  This newsletter will be distributed to members, corporate supporters, vendors, volunteers, GBF attendees and publicly via our website, email lists and social media channels.

Newsletter Production Team

Environmental Writers, Photographers and Videographers | currently required

Editor | Proofreading, Design, Layout and Distribution | position filled 

Potential Projects

Zero Emissions Vehicles

To promote electric vehicles and encourage everyone to become more mindful of emissions, we suggest changing the way TCD determines class ratings for vehicles by basing their criteria on emissions in addition to size. The lower your emissions, the less you pay to license your vehicle.

 Zero Emissions Advocacy Team | project manager and members currently required

  • Collaborate with car dealerships
  • Cooperate with stakeholders in the transportation industry
  • Work with TCD on a plan to restructure their class ratings
  • Discuss the concept with the Minister and Permanent Secretary of Transport 
  • Educate the general public about the amount of C02 emissions associated with vehicles, the associated harm to human health, and cost benefits associated with zero emission vehicles
  • Advocate for electric vehicles as a key component of a more sustainable future

Hydration | Water Refill Stations

In an effort to reduce waste and our dependence on bottled water, we would like to install hydration stations throughout our railway trails for walkers, runners and riders. We are equally motivated to see water refill stations installed in local banks, gas stations, large retail outlets and grocery stores. 

 Free Water Advocacy Team | project manager and members currently required

  • Review the steps taken when six (6) hydration stations were installed throughout Hamilton
  • Determine locations where hydration stations would be most beneficial
  • Collaborate with local walking, running and riding clubs for input
  • Meet with potential stakeholders to rally support for the project
  • Schedule meetings with the relevant landowners in an effort to gain approval for installations
  • Seek volunteers to either assist with proposals, education, advocacy or product research

Corporate Sponsor | currently required


Green Bowl Project | Social Entrepreneurship 

An initiative designed to reduce waste by selling reusable bowls to participating vendors. The concept is similar to what happens with Pure Water, the Greenrock Bowl would be purchased or obtained initially in exchange for a small deposit, reused at any participating vendor and kept indefinitely or eventually returned in exchange for the deposit given.

 Green Bowl Project Team | project manager and members currently required

  • Write a proposal and survey for distribution to eateries to determine interest
  • Find out which eateries want to be participating vendors
  • Research bowl options and designs
  • Decide if there will be options such as color, sizes, shapes

Corporate Commitments to Sustainability 

PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PWC) has made a number of commitments as it relates to working and operating more sustainably. With assistance from PWC’s CEO, the plan is to organize small group meetings with CEOs of other businesses to speak with them about sustainability, encourage them to consider environmental impact, and make commitments to operate more sustainably themselves. 

 Project Manager | currently required

Commercial Recycling

Our goal is to determine what is already happening as it relates to commercial recycling in Bermuda, find out who is participating, identify the strengths and weaknesses associated with any existing practices, determine where there are gaps and develop solutions that help to close them.

 Recycling Research & Development Team | project manager and members currently required



Water Quality Project 

The goal of the Water Quality Project is to raise awareness and provide educational opportunities as it relates to water quality control, sustainable water management, government guidelines for best practice and the challenges we face sourcing, treating and distributing water Island-wide. In partnership with Koom Consulting, this will be achieved through a combination of educational presentations, research, hands-on training, data collection, water testing, water treatment, data analysis, and community engagement.

 Project Manager | currently required

Corporate Sponsor | currently required

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