Greenrock has long had an interest in ensuring our marine area is managed sustainably - and a lot of our advocacy work stems from a concern about Bermuda's impact on our immediate marine area.

For instance, our work on climate change and renewable energy is tied into our concerns about the impact of global climate change on our oceans, be it the threat to our coral reefs through ocean acidification or the threat to marine life through ocean deoxygenation.

Our campaigns on single-use bags similarly have a marine focus in addition to a carbon footprint issue. Plastic bags for example are commonly mistaken by marine life as food sources, especially by sea turtles mistaking them for jellyfish.

Other marine advocacy work that Greenrock participates in is:

  • Our support marine spatial planning (which also ties into renewable energy, in terms of siting renewable energy technologies in the marine area), 
  • The Blue Halo project (to convert the majority of our marine economic exclusive zone into a nature reserve) and,
  • The Bermuda Alliance for the Sargasso Sea. 

While other NGOs in Bermuda also have a marine focus, we realize that many of these NGOs are research focused. While we support research in areas beyond those covered by our sister NGOs, we also see a key role for us in advocating for change (policy and personal) when it comes to marine issues.


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