A Transport spokesman told us that Government is reviewing a number of different proposals.

David Dodwell, chairman of the Tourism Authority, told the Bermuda Sun the island needs to look into the idea of alternative rental vehicles to cater for visitor's needs. He said: "I'm encouraged that Bermudians are coming up with these kind of ideas to cater to our visitors.

"The initiative is coming from the private sector and shows forward thinking as well as the recognition of an opportunity."

Mr Dodwell added: "All of our competitors provide their guests with alternative forms of rental transportation whether it's mini mokes or three-wheeled little machines.

"The fact is that moped rentals have decreased dramatically in the last five years in Bermuda and we have visitors who bring their families and want more independence.

"We have to accept that when we put someone on a moped it is more dangerous now than it was 10 years ago."

Tourists can hire cars on islands like Grand Cayman and there are also vehicle rental firms in the British Virgin Island.

A three wheeled car by BMW could become available for tourists to rent. *Photo suppliedThe Bahamas also provides a car rental service to its visitors.

Mr Dodwell said: "If we decide to do this we need to be careful.

"We need to think about what form it will take, what licence requirements there should be.

"Careful thought would be need to ensure only a limited number of these vehicles would be put in a few strategic locations.

"The idea of looking at the potential of this scheme is not to take business away from taxi drivers or the buses but simply enhance the Bermuda product.


"And if that is successful and more people come to the island then everyone wins."

A Government spokesman confirmed that the Ministry of Transport was looking into the possibility of bringing hire cars to Bermuda. He said: "The Government, through the Transport Control Department within the Ministry of Tourism Development and Transport is reviewing a number of proposals for alternative rental vehicles for visitors.

"It would be premature to comment on any of the various proposals at this stage."

Peugot also makes a three wheeled vehicle which could be used as a rental car.

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