At Greenrock, we're proud of the work we've done this year to help keep the issue of sustainability in the foreground. In particular, there are three areas where we feel impactful change was made:

♦ Greenrock was officially designated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). As the national operator of their programmes, we've begun to introduce to Bermuda through the Eco-Schools programme, now operating in eight of the Island's schools under the programme management of Abbie Caldas who is ably supported by Chris Backeberg and Omari Dill.

♦ The Green Building Forum, an organization that seeks to promote the latest wisdom in applying green building practices to the Island's infrastructure, gained traction under the energetic volunteerism of Steve Richards.

♦ We helped to organize and participate in the first ever Energy Summit, a day-long collaborative energy conference. This event was jointly produced by the Ministry of Education and Economic Development, BermudaFirst, Ascendant Group Limited, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce and Greenrock and aimed to create the opportunity for energy stakeholders to collaboratively participate in the reform of Bermuda's energy sector.

Greenrock looks forward to continuing to work hard in 2015 on your behalf to protect our island home.

We wish you a safe, happy and blessed holiday season.

Gordon Johnson - Executive Director



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