Jeremy Deacon, the Chair of our Green Building Forum, started the meeting with an overview of the itinerary, followed by Greenrock's Executive Director, Jonathan Starling, who gave the forum an update about Greenrock's activities since the last meeting of the forum.

Keino Williams of Chubb then gave a presentation about the process of LEED recertification that they have recently completed, including what steps they have taken to reduce their overall LEED rating, as well as the challenges they have found in improving their rating further.

Of particular interest was the LEED dynamic plaque which helps measure the performance of their building in real time along five sustainability categories of Energy, Water, Waste, Transportation and 'Human Experience'. For more information about the plaque, please visit this site.

Following Mr William's presentation, the forum was treated to a presentation by Shane Antonition about the research he worked on at BIOS in 2015. This research looked at the science behind the traditional Bermudian use of shark oil as a barometer for forecasting the weather. 

He gave an interesting account of the history of shark oil barometers, and the various tests they conducted to try and identify the key mechanisms behind how they work, as well as their overall effectiveness.

For more detailed information about Mr Antonition's research, please visit this article on the BIOS site. 

The members then engaged in updating each other about developments and challenges they have experienced and sharing ideas on how to improve each others attempts to increase the sustainability of their respective businesses.

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