Artists from as far afield as Uganda, New Zealand and Germany joined Ms Nova in providing the music, while organisers took the chance to showcase products aiming to create a greener Bermuda.

Despite less than brilliant weather, Greenrock's Andrew Vaucrosson said hundreds of families enjoyed the show.

'It was amazing,' said Mr. Vaucrosson. 'I think it was the only event in the history of my lifetime that has been totally family, family, family. That was a nice thing to see.

'The international stars were just phenomenal, and the local acts really picked themselves up to match them.

'We need to do more things like this. It was a blend of all sorts of music, and there was a mix of all kinds of people there. There was a lot of diversity.

'People were also very impressed with the facility. As far as we know, the Arboretum has never been used like this before - but it was a good venue.' The line-up included recording artists Geoffrey Oryema, from Uganda; Fiona Pears, from New Zealand; ATB, from Germany; and Bermudians Joy Barnum and Olybhosh (the Chewstick band).

Greenrock demonstrated environmentally products such as electric scooters, bio-diesel, home wind turbines and dehumidifying water coolers.

Mr. Vaucrosson said the main idea was to get the name of Greenrock - a sustainable development group - as well known as possible.

Greenrock's long-term goal is to encourage and empower individuals and companies to help make Bermuda socially, economically and environmentally sustainable for future generations.

Ms Nova has previously performed at a Save the Gardens celebration which was arranged in protest at plans to build a hospital in the grounds of the Botanical Gardens. Those proposals were ditched following public opposition.

Two years ago, she was part of a successful campaign to stop the dredging of Sinky Bay, Southampton, to accommodate a new dolphin park. For more information about Greenrock, log on to

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