The_Ripple_Effect "Fresh water will be the defining resource of the 21st Century."

Alex Prud'homme's new book "The Ripple Effect" is an exploration of the threats to the world's freshwater supplies.

Below is an interview with the author and excerpt from the book.

anderson_rayWithin the environmental community, there is widespread acceptance of the Ehrlich equation that establishes the relationship among four factors: population (P), affluence (A), technology (T), and environmental impact (I). The relationships are expressed in the famous Ehrlich impact equation: I=PxAxT (published in The Population Bomb by Paul and Anne Ehrlich). Many consider this equation immutable, and believe there is no way to break its iron grip on humanity. As any of the three independent variables grows, environmental impact increases.

How do we break the grip of this equation on the future of humankind? How do we rewrite the equation for a sustainable future?

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