The New Year offers us an opportunity to take stock of the last twelve months while also looking forward to the year ahead. 

Here at Greenrock we have seen some changes over the last twelve months, especially with a new School Programme Manager taking over our environmental education programmes. The next twelve months should see us consolidating our environmental education programmes, including our newest programme Young Reporters for the Environment.

On a global level, the impacts of both Brexit and the election of President Trump remain uncertain for the third sector in Bermuda, and, importantly for Greenrock, for global environmental issues.

Much was said by the new President of the USA during his election campaign attacking climate science, and his subsequent appointments to environmental or science positions in his Cabinet, along with additional comments by him, have given a strong indication that he will reverse the progress made by his predecessor as regards climate change and the environment generally.

What remains unclear however is how much of an impact his policies and actions will have on the global push to execute the Paris Agreement and what impact his domestic policies will have on the USA’s own contributions to climate change.

Here at Greenrock we will continue to observe developments and take an active role locally as we continue to deliver our environmental education programmes and advocate for sustainable solutions for Bermuda.

The year ahead will no doubt be an interesting one…

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