Earth Hour LIVE 2024 aired on Channel 82 and greenrock.org earlier tonight from 6:30pm to Lights Out at 8:30pm.  The annual 2 hour program featured conversations with Health Coach and Om Juicery Owner Preston James about living in harmony with nature, Renown Economics Educator Craig Simmons about Donut Economics, Co-CEO of Take Five Catering Stefan Bourchardt about waste reduction strategies for large events, and Agronomist Omari Dill about achieving sustainability from an ecological perspective.  The program also included official highlights from Earth Hour 2023, Earth Hour Bermuda flashbacks from 2015 and 2019, and an intriguing presentation from Renegade Economist Kate Raworth on Donut Economics. 

Earth Hour Live will be broadcast on Channel 82 and our website, greenrock.org.



  • To strengthen our connection with nature, inspire environmental action and raise awareness about sustainable living.

Time and Date

  • 6:30pm - 8:30pm Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 (Lights Out from 8:30 - 9:30pm)

This year’s broadcast includes the following topics:

  • Official Highlights from Earth Hour 2023

  • Opening Comments | Eugene Dean | Host and Greenrock Chairman

  • Living in Harmony with Mother Nature | Preston James | Health Coach

  • Earth Hour Global | Give an Hour for Earth

  • Donut Economics | Kate Raworth | Renegade Economist

  • Flashback | Earth Hour Bermuda 2015

  • 21st Century Economics and Robustness | Craig Simmons | Educator

  • Flashback | Earth Hour Bermuda 2019

  • Waste Reduction Strategies for Large Events | Stefan Bourchardt | Take 5 Catering

  • Sustainability and Ecology | Omari Dill | Agronomist

  • Countdown to Earth Hour

Did you miss the 2022 live event? Take a look at it now!



The Live Recording from 2021 is also available on our YouTube Channel.



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