team.jpgIntroducing Greenrock's management team.

Greenrock was formed in 2003, but it truly began its work in the Bermuda community in 2005.  At that time, Greenrock’s constitution was redrafted and a formal structure was developed. Since then, the day-to-day governance of Greenrock has been supervised by a Management Committee. This Committee comprises volunteers with a wide variety of backgrounds.  Each member of the Committee is assigned an area of focus and is encouraged to build their own sub-committees to help execute various tasks.

Eugene Dean

Somersfield Academy invited the Greenrock School Roadshow to visit during their environment day celebrations in June. This school is already a leader in promoting environmental awareness, but they needed and wanted more support to keep up this mindset.

The Roadshow crew arrived thinking it would be the usual assembly-style presentation. This time was different. The Somersfield students were giving their own presentations on the importance of being aware of the dangers of certain plastic water bottles and the consumerism attitude we have so quickly adopted when it comes to buying bottled water. They were also discussing green labels and what they actually mean. In short, the Roadshow crew had a lot to learn from them. How refreshing!

Warwick Long Bay BEST photo

A petition containing the signatures of more than 5,000 people who oppose the building of a beach bar on Warwick Long Bay was delivered to Premier Dr. Ewart Brown outside Parliament yesterday.

Protesters waving placards asked Dr. Brown and Environment Minister Glenn Blakeney to withdraw permission for a plan by entrepreneur Belcario Thomas to develop a 2,500 sq ft restaurant and cocktail bar on what they describe as a "pristine beach and national park".

Solar powerGreenrock backs Government's tabling energy legislation

A sustainable development group is backing Government's move to enact energy legislation before a White Paper. Greenrock has initiated several energy conservation programmes in the past couple of years, educating residents and businesses on conserving power.

It welcomed legislation in the House of Assembly on Friday to create an Energy Commission to regulate costs and to investigate complaints regarding suppliers. The Energy Act 2009 also authorises the Energy Minister to issue all licences.

View from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

Desalination might ease water shortages but cause irreparable, long-term damage.

Sometimes you can't see the ocean on account of the salt. Sustainability: the environmental buzzword for the 21st century, and Bermuda's Government is determined to prove that this time, they aren't simply paying lip service.

To many, the planned Tynes Bay reverse osmosis facility appears to be a viable solution to the problem of water shortages. But we need to look more closely at what it being proposed ...


Environmental non-profit Greenrock yesterday welcomed Belco's decision to delay expansion of its plant but warned that Bermuda must reduce its dependence on fossil fuels to make any meaningful change. The charity spoke out following Tuesday's news that Belco will postpone its decision on whether to redevelop its Pembroke site until 2011.

MRF recycling belt

Recycling has been going on in the background of Bermuda’s tapestry since the early ’90s, but it has had its ups and downs along the way. Local sceptics have even questioned whether it actually occurs.

School Roadshow at Bermuda Institute

The Greenrock School Roadshow team has been busy so far in 2009, visiting a wide variety of groups ranging from afterschool programmes and school assemblies to PTA meetings. The show, which promotes sustainable development and sustainable living, has received an enthusiastic welcome at all its stops.

Keyboard surrounded by grass

Since starting the Green Office initiative in the later part of 2007, Greenrock has introduced this project to approximately 40 local companies. We hope that in 2009, we can double this number with the assistance of dedicated volunteers and the support of our Green Office Advisory Panel (GOAP).

Solar water panel

Customs duty rates have been slashed for environmentally friendly products, in a move welcomed by green campaigners. The changes, which take effect on April 1, see zero duty for solar water heaters, solar thermal collectors, wind powered electrical generating sets and 'smart' electricity meters with net metering capacity. Photovoltaic AC generators are also included in the zero-percent rate. These use solar cells for energy by converting sunlight directly into electricity ...

Ashley and Chris

A running couple aren't just running for gold anymore. They are running for cash for local charities.

Validus Reinsurance has awarded runners Chris and Ashley Estwanik $5,000 each for the charity of their choice.

Mr. Estwanik, who works for Validus, selected Big Brothers & Big Sisters. Mrs. Estwanik, a teacher at the Bermuda High School for Girls, chose the environmental charity Greenrock ...

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