COP 21 image copyDecember sees the 21st annual Conference of the Parties (from November 30th to December 11th), the supreme decision-making body of the UN's Convention on Climate Change. These annual summits involve all States that are parties to the convention, and seek to both review the commitments of member states and to take decisions necessary to promote the effective implementation of the convention.

Bermuda should care about Climate Change. Regardless of whether you believe that it is caused by human action, or caused by natural cycles, our atmosphere is warming and that could have catastrophic effects on Bermuda.

Throne speech pictureFriday, November 13th, saw the reconvening of Parliament for the 2015/2016 session, complete with the customary Throne Speech which outlines the Government's program for the new parliament.

The Throne Speech for the 2015/2016 parliament did not feature as many environmental or sustainability issues as Greenrock had hoped. The Government will move forward the long anticipated Solar Power Plant at the Airport, to reduce our reliance on fossil fuel, and there are commitments to both a Crop and Dairy Sector strategy. The new Electricity Act, to which Greenrock has contributed, will also be tabled. 

Prospect Prospect Primary is participating in Greenrock's Eco-Schools programme, pursuing the Biodiversity Pathway. In mid-May Prospect Primary, after help from Deloitte's and the Department of Parks, officially opened their garden, in memory of a late staff member, Carol Smith. What was a neighbourhood dumping ground years ago has been transformed into a clean and colourful outdoor space for students to read, explore, and tend to the plants - of which almost 20 are edible.

The future of our electricity supply is an important topic for debate and has a significant impact on Bermuda's 'triple bottom line' of Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability. Earlier this year the Department of Energy published a new Electricity Policy, and have just followed this by tabling a new Electricity Bill for Bermuda.

energypyramidBermuda’s electricity sector is in a time of change. Almost half of Belco’s nineteen fossil fuel generators are at or past their ‘normal service life’; this means that up to half of Bermuda’s generating capacity will need to be replaced at current demand in the next few years. At the same time the Department of Energy is leading the work to write a new Energy Policy and put in place an Energy Regulator.

Greenrock is participating in the debate, and representing the interests of a sustainable Bermuda at all levels.

ID-100187466Sorry about the terrible pun in the headline, but we do get charged up about this issue!

Once again we return to the topic of Electricity. This is because the way we generate, supply, and charge for electricity has a significant impact on Bermuda's 'triple bottom line' of Environmental, Social, and Economic Sustainability.

Earlier this year the Department of Energy published a new Electricity Policy (26 May 2015), and followed this by tabling a new Electricity Bill (17 July 2015) for Bermuda, which will be debated by the House in November.

BELCO demand curves 1Let's just start by acknowledging that we are all in this together: we use electricity where and when we want, Belco responds to our demand by investing in generators to supply the electricity that we want, and the Government decides how much we pay them for the convenience. The electricity system is a dance between all the participants – how and when we use electricity makes a very big difference to how Belco operates; how and for what they get paid makes a very big difference to what they care about.

Bernews 1 copy

On June 17th students, teachers, and supporters of Environmental Education gathered in celebration at the BUEI as Greenrock hosted Bermuda's first Eco-Schools Award Ceremony. The event showcased the efforts of 10 participating schools: public and private, from preschool to college, all of which are working on clear goals towards sustainability.

dutch net zero housingWhat if you could change your decades-old house into a modern, comfortable, energy-efficient home in less than ten days without having to move out or pay extra? Does it sound too good to be true? That's exactly what a consortium of construction companies and social housing corporations are doing in the Netherlands.

Miss Woolridge

Elliott Primary has partnered with Greenrock since 2009 and was part of our original Green School Pilot Project. They are now part of our Eco-Schools Programme and received a Green Seed Award in June for their Biodiversity pathway.

Solar's big heyday may be just three years away as the unsubsidized cost of panels plus storage is set to become cheaper than retail power supply in several large markets, Bernstein said.

"The math would work in: Australia, Japan and Spain. Brazil and parts of California will become economic shortly thereafter," Bernstein said in a note last week. "At that point, solar without subsidy and without kid-glove regulatory treatment, would - if combined with energy storage solutions - be capable of supplying electricity ('on' and 'off')."

It expects solar will reach a cost below $0.40 a watt by 2018, leading to a combined cost of the solar-plus-battery electricity supply of $0.24 a kilowatt hour on an unsubsidized basis in select markets, including Australia, where residential retail power averages $0.26 a kilowatt hour.

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