solar-panel1A solar energy system installed at Gosling's headquarters has already made a bigger than expected impact, according to the company's CEO.

bags_killing_usA compelling infographic illustrating how plastic bags are killing our planet.

byob_nobagthanksDid you know that common estimates for the number of disposable plastic and paper bags used annually are in excess of 500 billion bags? That's about 1 million bags used per minute! What do we use them for? Generally we put a purchase in them, walk or ride home, take the purchase out and throw the bag away. Some of them are reused once or twice but the vast majority is used only once.

byob_whatelseinbtlPlastic Bottles Are Bad for Your Health

The simple fact that Americans consume 1,500 single-serve water bottles per second made of PET plastic has sufficed to make these disposable bottles a target of environmentalists concerned about the impact of so much trash. Until very recently, however, it has been assumed that the PET bottles pose no direct health risk to humans who drink from them.


Update 10-Oct: The Carbon-Cutting Commute Day described below has been postponed to 30-Nov-2012.

In an effort to build our community, promote healthy activities, and address serious environmental issues, Greenrock is collaborating with various organisations and concerned citizens to encourage Bermudians to consider alternative ways to commute to work or school.

energy_limboLast November, the Department of Energy kicked off its energy cutback competition Energy Limbo: How Low Can You Go?, based on a idea put forward by Greenrock.

Households participating in the program, which began in January and runs until the end of October, are competing for the greatest reduction in energy use during that time period.

bags_california_storyBill Hoffman, owner of Aptos Jewelers in Aptos, Calif., sells bracelets, rings and pendants for thousands of dollars each. He balks at the notion of charging customers an extra 10 cents for a shopping bag, but Mr. Hoffman has no choice. It is the law.

eco-tainerGreenrock applaud Buzz's decision to change its packaging, utensils and cups to more environmentally friendly products.

Moving to compostable packaging, starch based cups and sustainably sourced wooden cutlery not only cuts down on our use of scarce resources, but also reduces the toxic chemicals that are released into the air at Tynes Bay when plastic is burned.

In 2010, Greenrock began a pilot project with Elliot Primary to understand how a Bermuda school can 'go green' and how the community can get involved. There are many excellent international resources for 'Green Schools' but many recommendations are not applicable to or available in Bermuda. The Green School Project has drawn on international resources such as FEE-International (Foundation for Environmental Education) and Green Schools Ireland, as well as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) and local expertise , to put together a 'Green School Template'. The template will contain Bermuda specific information to be made available to all schools in September 2011.

belcoBELCO will explore alternative energy sources in Bermuda and put plans to build a new plant on the backburner.

The move comes after the firm announced it had dropped its legal action against Government for denying BELCO the rate increase it had applied for to fund the project.

byob_paperorplasticThe majority of people think a 5p charge on single-use carrier bags should be introduced in England to cut litter and waste, a poll suggested today.

Three-quarters of those quizzed (75%) said they would try to cut down on the use of new plastic bags if there was a 5p charge on them, according to the survey for a coalition of groups pushing the Government to bring in a bag levy in England.

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