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New Zoning Proposal Could Bring 1,200 Acres of Rooftop Farms to NYC

NYC_rooftop_farmA new proposal by the Department of City Planning would allow commercial buildings throughout the city to be topped with rooftop farms or greenhouses without increasing the building's floor area ratio and height restrictions.

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Study: The Environmental Value of Building Reuse

Building_Reuse_report_Jan_2012A report produced by the Preservation Green Lab of the National Trust for Historic Preservation provides the most comprehensive analysis to date of the potential environmental benefit of building reuse.
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Seattle Goes Green With Marine Toilets, Big Solar Hat: Review

Seattle_building_Jan_2012In Seattle, contractors have begun digging for an office building that will eventually wear what looks like a big cocked hat.

It's a solar-panel array topping off the five-story home for the local Bullitt Foundation.

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Video: No waste from diapers

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Video: Boys in Blue go Green

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