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EWG Bottled Water Scorecard

ewg_scorecard_bannerThe Environmental Working Group rated 173 bottled waters for transparency - what each company is willing to share with you about where their water comes from, how or if it's treated, and how pure it is. More than half of all bottled waters flunked. Bottom line? Drink plenty of water, but avoid bottled water when you can. It pollutes the environment and is often nothing more than tap water. When you must, choose brands with high scores (clear labeling) and advanced treatment.

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Plastic bag maker ends lawsuit against ChicoBag

bag_monsterHilex Poly, a South Carolina-based manufacturer of plastic bags, has agreed to settle a lawsuit that it and two other plastic bag manufacturers had filed against ChicoBag, a California company that makes reusable bags. Along with the two other plastic bag companies (Superbag Operating, LTD., and Advance Polybag, Inc.), Hilex Poly had sued on the grounds that a “Learn the Facts” page on ChicoBag’s website was “false and misleading” and had caused the companies “irreparable harm.”

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Video: Exercise machines create electricity

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Going Green but Getting Nowhere

YOU reduce, reuse and recycle. You turn down plastic and paper. You avoid out-of-season grapes. You do all the right things.


Just know that it won't save the tuna, protect the rain forest or stop global warming. The changes necessary are so large and profound that they are beyond the reach of individual action.

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Video: Soda bottles lighting up lives

We have to thank a Facebook user for sharing a video on our page - an old soda bottle powered by the sun and serving as a light bulb? Amazing and true. Imagine if we could apply this type of creativity and innovation on other items we typically throw away? Click below to watch the video. Trust us - it's worth the two minutes.

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Video: Back to the Start

Coldplay's haunting classic 'The Scientist' is performed by country music legend Willie Nelson for the soundtrack of the short film entitled, "Back to the Start."

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