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Communities getting fed up with fracking

A fight over fracking is looming in Texas. Another stand-off is shaping up in Colorado. Yet drillers' reactions couldn't be more different.

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In Texas, drillers are doing their noisy in-your-face fracking as usual. Meanwhile, on a small farm about an hour from the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the oil industry is giving fracking a makeover, cutting back on rumbling trucks and tamping down on pollution.

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UK switches on to green power

Green energyBritain is in the midst of a green energy revolution after production soared to record levels, according to new figures which deal a blow to opponents of renewable energy and a potential boost for consumers.

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The amount of electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind, solar and hydro has soared by 43 per cent in the past year to account for a fifth of production, as newly-built plants came on stream and the weather became windier, the Office for National Statistics has said.

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We Can't Stop Carbon Emissions Without These Four Things

clean-energyTwo expert economists and an expert engineer endorsed the (U.S.) EPA's Clean Power Plan at a conference in Washington D.C. Friday, but cautioned that the proposed rule is only a first step, and it affects only one of several sectors of the economy that produce greenhouse gases.

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Carbon War Room Awarded NGO of the Year

Carbon War Room logoThe Carbon War Room has been named NGO of the Year in the 2014 BusinessGreen Leaders Awards —the largest sustainability awards in Europe.

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The award recognised the War Room's impact over the past year, especially in maritime shipping and island economies, as well as its potential for even greater impact in the future.

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US Proposal Would Create World's Largest Marine Sanctuary

ObamaU.S. President Barack Obama announced a plan on Tuesday to create the world's largest marine preserve, significantly expanding a remote region of the Pacific Ocean where drilling, fishing and other commercial activities are prohibited.

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Obama announced the proposal in a video at the U.S. State Department's Our Ocean conference in Washington.

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Canary Island first to be powered by just wind and water

el-hierro-windfarm1The smallest of the Canary Islands will become the first island to be fully powered by wind and water when it opens a new wind farm this summer.

Around 10,000 people live on El Hierro, the most southern of the Spanish islands, and when the wind plant is switched on it will take the strong winds that whip of the cliffs and mountains of the volcanic island and power it.

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