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Put Down that Bottle

byob_whatelseinbtlPlastic Bottles Are Bad for Your Health

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The simple fact that Americans consume 1,500 single-serve water bottles per second made of PET plastic has sufficed to make these disposable bottles a target of environmentalists concerned about the impact of so much trash. Until very recently, however, it has been assumed that the PET bottles pose no direct health risk to humans who drink from them.

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Paper or Plastic? Some Communities Say Neither

bags_california_storyBill Hoffman, owner of Aptos Jewelers in Aptos, Calif., sells bracelets, rings and pendants for thousands of dollars each. He balks at the notion of charging customers an extra 10 cents for a shopping bag, but Mr. Hoffman has no choice. It is the law.

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Majority back 5p carrier bag move

byob_paperorplasticThe majority of people think a 5p charge on single-use carrier bags should be introduced in England to cut litter and waste, a poll suggested today.

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Three-quarters of those quizzed (75%) said they would try to cut down on the use of new plastic bags if there was a 5p charge on them, according to the survey for a coalition of groups pushing the Government to bring in a bag levy in England.

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Plasma Gasification Raises Hopes of Clean Energy From Garbage


A system that devours municipal garbage, recycles metals, blasts toxic contaminants and produces electricity and usable byproducts — all with drastic reductions in emissions. Sounds too good to be true.....but it's not!

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UK's Green bank ready to commit £3bn to environmental firms

bankThe British Government's £3bn flagship scheme to encourage private sector money into low carbon technology and green initiatives is on the hunt for projects with which to formally launch in October.

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Oregon Project Aims to Harness the Power of Waves

wave_energy_buoyPORTLAND, Ore. — About 15 years ago, this environmentally conscious state with a fir tree on its license plates began pushing the idea of making renewable energy from the ocean waves that bob and swell on the Pacific horizon. But then one of the first test-buoy generators, launched with great fanfare, promptly sank. It was not a good start.

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