palmetto_forestThe charity, Save Open Spaces, owns and operates a non profit greenhouse on some National Trust property in the Devonshire Marsh. They grow endemics with the goal of reintroducing these species back into the Bermudian landscape.

Sessions_HouseLast month, Premier Craig Cannonier unveiled a Cabinet shuffle that reduced the number of Government Ministers from 13 to ten. There were three ministers axed from Cabinet, including the Minister of The Environment and Planning Sylvan Richards.

An updated chart is now available reflecting the revised Cabinet line-up and Government Organizational Structure.

christmas_ballsGreenrock wishes you all a happy, healthy and relaxing holiday season. Thank you for your support over the past year.

Let's spread joy by enjoying the ways in which we are getting it right, and where we are making good decisions that make our lifestyle more sustainable.

Let's celebrate the gardens that are planted, the times we didn't buy bottled water but refilled at a Hydration Station or tap, the light-bulbs we finally got around to switching to CFL or LED, the times the children came home all excited with a new message about changes at school.


Last month, The Hon. Craig Cannonier was elected Premier of Bermuda and began work appointing his new cabinet.

All Members of Cabinet are given the title Ministers; whom are party representatives within the Legislature.

2013_PreviewIn 2013, with your help, Greenrock will:

  • Introduce thousands of students to the concept of living sustainably through our School Roadshow
  • Involve hundreds of students in improving their school environment
  • Involve the community in growing and enjoying local food
  • Campaign to reduce usage of disposable bags
  • Reduce Belco bills for seniors by fitting hot water heater timers in selected homes
  • Work with other charities to preserve our heritage
  • Advocate for an island which remains competitive, welcoming and beautiful decades into the future (not just next election cycle)

environment-energy-bulb1Electricity demand in Australia has fallen by more than 5% over the last 6 years.

This is more than expected, and their conclusion is that estimates of energy savings tend to ignore "technical, social and institutional" effects that amplify savings.

Greenrock, in partnership with The Bermuda National Trust, are proud to announce the second annual Earth Day Student Video Competition.

Spread the word about this exciting opportunity to showcase creativity, innovation and commitment to our natural and cultural heritage as well as to the future of the planet.

Hurricane_Sandy"Either by action, or by inaction, it's most likely that the climate decision will be made this year." This is the introduction to an article which starkly lays out the cost of ignoring our contribution to climate change.

The analysis, published in the journal Nature, demonstrates using a number of statistical models that if we wait until 2025 to start to 'pivot' and dramatically cut our emissions, then the chances of keeping the global increase in temperature under 2°C becomes vanishingly small.

voteAs the general election draws nearer it seems Bermuda's environment has taken a back seat to pressing economic concerns. Greenrock would like to emphasise the importance of environmental issues and highlight initiatives that will promote sustainable living, and even reduce the cost of living.

2013_Earth_Hour_CompGreenrock, in cooperation with Belco, are proud to announce the 2013 Earth Hour Creativity Competition.

The competition invites students ages 9 to 18 to submit an essay, poem, song, drawing, painting or diorama; or video of a dance or other performance. Entries will be judged on content, quality, originality and creativity, as well as relevance to this year's competition theme, which is "Together we can protect Bermuda's environment & the planet".

Cash prizes will be awarded to the winners in each category.

saltusWR2As part of Partner Re's "Dollars for Hours" program, Greenrock teamed up with Saltus seniors and faculty and Windreach Bermuda and spent the better part of two days clearing inavsive plants and trees from the latter's home on Spice Hill in Warwick.

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